Book Signings

Want to meet  a bunch of amazing authors & get to hang out with HB from the Unrated Bookshelf? 
Here is the list of events she will be attending... 
Just send a message to her across any of UB's social media spots, and HB will try her best to make it happen! 

Hard Rock Author Event: Tulsa, Oklahoma 
(July 29, 2017)

Penned Con: St. Louis, Missouri 
(September 29, 2017)

Naughty Nashville Author Event: Nashville, Tennessee 
(September 30, 2017)

Route 66 Author Event: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 
(November 11, 2017)

For the Love of Books & NOLA: New Orleans, Louisiana 
(February 10, 2018)

Wild & Windy in the City: Chicago, Illinois
(September 8, 2018)

Books in the Ballroom Author Event: Springfield, Missouri 
(May 4, 2019)


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