Book Review: Riot House by Callie Hart


You think you know me, but you’re wrong.

You look at me and see Carrie, the girl with the wild hair and the wild clothes.
Reliable Carrie. Friendly. Quirky. Perhaps a little strange.
What do you really know about me, though?
The details of my past are up for debate.
I’ve been careful to hide my sins, and even more careful to follow the rules.
I do as I’m told. I keep to myself. I don’t mess around with boys, and I’m always ready to run.
At least that’s what I tell myself, anyway.
Since I met him, I’ve broken every single rule in the book.
He’s impossible. Arrogant. Terrifying.
If I’m not careful, Wolf Hall’s golden boy will do more than make me break the rules. He’ll wind up breaking me.

First, they hate me, then they hate themselves for wanting me. That’s how it always goes.

I’m the smart one. The charming one. The guy with the accent that makes girls go weak at the knees. As a resident of Riot House, I’m destined to rule Wolf Hall. Doesn’t matter where you come from. How much money you have. What your future holds. Cross the path of a Riot House Boy and you’re guaranteed to pay the price.
The girl isn’t special. She’s just another cog, turning in the wheel. So why, then, am I protecting her? And why am I keeping her a secret?

Call me a monster.
Call me a fiend.
Call me reprehensible.

Call me Lord Dashiell Lovett IV.

*Riot Rules is book two in the Crooked Sinners Series. It is a complete 135,000 word story that can be read as a standalone, or in conjunction with the other books in the series.

I loved it!

This story takes the story, and rewinds it all the way back to where Lord Dash and Carrie’s story begins. You get a lot of the back story from Carina’s perspective in the first book, but now you get to relive it as in unfolds in the most intense, steamy, heartbreakingly angsty way. You love these characters, while also hating them just a little bit as well.
Secrets are revealed, as new backstories come to light. You get fresh perspectives from familiar sources, about the world of Wolf Hall Royalty.

The Lord is dreamy, and he is absolutely awful all at the same time.
You never truly despise him though.

Carrie is put through it all, but she’s a fighter. She is more than capable of taking everything Dash dishes out. It’s a tug of war, unavoidable roller coaster of everything a truly fantastic romantic story should be. I couldn’t put this book down!
I hope Pax gets his own story, and I’m not gonna lie, I hope it’s a specific little red head that brings him to his knees...

I love this book, I love these characters, and I love this world. I wish this story could never end, because it’s definitely a tough act to follow.

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