Book Review: The Suicide Club by Gayle Wilson

Lindsey Sloan teaches the best and brightest studentsat Randolph-Lowen High School—exceptional teenswith promising futures far from their small Alabamahometown. So when brash detective Jace Nolan arrivesfrom up north and accuses her kids of setting a seriesof fires in local black churches, Lindsey is furious.

No matter how Jace tries to convince her, Lindseycan't believe her pupils could do something so horrible,let alone be addicted to the rush of getting away withit. But when her attraction to Jace places her in mortaldanger and people begin dying, Lindsey can no longerbe sure just what her students are capable of.

If Jace is right, it's up to the two of them to outsmartthese criminal minds—before they carry out theultimate thrill-kill.

This story was a complete domino effect. You would figure one part out, but then you’d have a thousand more questions that joined it. I was constantly trying to guess who did it, and I was always wrong. This story throws you for a complete loop, and make you distrust every character. Even the main characters. I wasn’t sure it it was going to turn in one of those psychological thrillers were the main character was the evil mastermind all along, collateral damage, or if they were one of driving factors that lead the bad guy to what they were doing.

I’m definitely not going to tell you now that I know, because it’s definitely something you need to experience, and figure out all on your own.

The characters were real and truly relatable. You could feel what they were feeling the entire time, because it reflected on true feelings we’ve all felt before. The thoughts and self doubts were on point.
I loved Jace and Lindsey’s dynamic. Their chemistry was undeniable, and their pull to each other was inevitable. They really made this story what it was, they made it even better.
The support characters kept your feet firmly planted, and your interest peaked. You wanted to know just as much about them as you did the mains.

Overall, this book is amazing. It keeps you consistently involved, and on the edge of your seat. This is a true cover to cover read worth multiple rereads. I highly recommend this book to anyone that wants a little everything in their stories. You get action, suspense, horror, and even romance. 

This book has it all!

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