Spotlight: Molly O'Hare

I recently got to sit down with Molly O'Hare, and I had the honor of asking her five questions about her craft. 
She happens to be one of my absolute favorite romcom authors, and she's one of the sweetest individuals that I have ever met. 
She's an avid animal lover, in fact, she features animals in all of her stories in ways that make them instantly your favorite character in each book!
I could go on and on about how fabulous she truly is, but I'm going to stop here, and let you see for yourself. 

On to the questions...

Where does most of your inspiration come from when you create the stories you tell? 

Funny enough, when it comes to inspiration for my romcoms, I would say 90% come from my life. I know that is crazy to think, but it's true. For example, in the first book in my Stumbling through Life Series, Stumbling Into Him, Holly gets hit in the face with a frisbee. That whole idea came from me getting hit in the face two days after Christmas in 2017. I had to wait until after New Years' to get my tooth looked at. So, I can safely say the majority of my stories are real-life experiences that I've had. The other 10 % come from my dreams. I'm one of those people who have incredibly detailed dreams, and in the morning, I remember everything, or at least enough to fill in the missing pieces. The dream thing is a blessing and a curse, though. There is nothing worse than waking up at a really good part.

Do you have a special ritual, need a certain snack, in order to keep yourself focused? 

Tea. I drink a lot of tea. As for rituals, it's not to keep me focused, but for every book I release I always get a pedicure and the color pick has to represent the cover of the release in some way. Like right now, since Stumbling Into the Holidays is out this month I have a deep holiday red. When I released Teased by Fire I had them painted Olive green since the main character's name is Olive.

What lead you to become an author? 

My whole life I've told myself stories at night to fall asleep. Sometimes those stories would go on for weeks or months. Every single night, I'd pick up right where I left off. One day I woke up with the idea I should start writing them down. So here we are now, my weird dreams and insane life situations get shared with the whole world, and I honestly couldn't be happier. Who knew life could be this fantastic? I get to do the one thing I strive to every day, and that's making people laugh as I tell them a story.

Who inspires you? 

Every author that has ever come before me and that will come after me inspires me. I know that is a weird answer, but it's true. The fact I get to do something I love each day wouldn't be possible without all of the ones that paved the way before me.

What is one piece of advice that you'd like give to aspiring authors? 

Write. Don't get into the marketing details and taking class on "how to write". Instead just write. I think some people want to have everything worked out before they actually do something, and those people sometimes get so wrapped up in the learning that they forget the doing part. Every author and every story has an audience out there. Don't let the details scare you away. Just write.

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