Book Review: Menage a Cowboy by Jenny Klaire

When Grace offered to work at the animal clinic the summer between college and vet school, she did not expect her very first day to involve a sexy, shirtless cowboy, a misunderstanding of embarrassing proportions, or her arm shoulder-deep inside a birthing mare.

And things just got worse from there.

Grace had no idea that the sexy, shirtless cowhand she met in the barn wasn’t a cowhand at all but one-half of the set of billionaire twin brothers that not only owned the ranch but half the county as well.

And now they had their sights set on owning her. Together.

Will the heat of this Texas summer melt her with desire or burn her to ashes when both billionaire, cowboy brothers set their sights on roping Grace in between them?

This story was hot. 
Steam for days. 
I read it quickly, because I couldn’t turn the page fast enough. 
I’m a sucker for twins, and these super sexy twin cowboys had everything right about them. 
Definitely going to be recommending this book to everyone!!

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