Book Review: Lost Boy by Ker Dukey

Bodies are dropping, 
and it might all be because of her...

When Willis Langford, the infamous serial killer, dubbed the Hollywell Slayer, enters Lizzy West’s life, he leaves blood and pain in his wake—kidnapping his son, her best friend, Jack, and killing those who try to stop him.

After witnessing unimaginable evil, the echoes of that day haunt Lizzy into adulthood.

Fifteen years later, Willis is still at large. When new bodies start to pop up with the infamous Hollywell Slayer’s signature written all over them, Lizzy’s life turns upside down.

Death now stalking her at every turn, Lizzy isn’t prepared for a ruggedly handsome mystery man, Clark entering her life, making her question everything she thought she knew. The intensity between them is palpable, but there’s something that isn’t adding up, and one thing Lizzy knows all too well, monsters don’t lie in wait. They hunt you out.

Life is a game of survival.
But who is the hunter and who is the prey?

This is a psychological romantic suspense standalone title.

This book was INTENSE.
From the very beginning you find yourself treading cautiously around the fact that you know something really effed up is going to happen. It’s a Ker Dukey book, after all.
You get that times a times a million!
Lizzie is broken and missing the boy she lost in the most traumatic moment of her life. This doesn’t get better when everyone around her starts dying. Is she being targeted? Taunted?
This book keeps you on the edge of your seat, biting your nails to the beds, and in a frenzy trying to get to the end as fast as you possibly can. I was enthralled. This was the story that I absolutely needed. It’s dark, and twisted. It’s got angst and intense chemistry between the hero and heroine. You will crave this hero as much as you suspect him. Is he the good guy, or is he very bad. Can he be both?
I’ll stop there. If I go any further, I’ll risk spoiling the whole story. All I need to say is: read. This. Book! It checks all of the boxes when it come to being an all around thrilling story. I highly recommend it!
This book was nothing short of absolutely amazing, and I’m honored to share my birthday with its release day.

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