Book Review: Crowd Pleaser by Marie James

Wow what a freaking story!!
This book had me hooked from the very beginning. 
Jake and Randi’s back and forth was addictive, and their chemistry made me swoon. 
I would go between being absolutely frustrated to laughing my ass off. 
The best part, though, belongs to the Queens!! 
Hunter, Jas, and Ellis rocked my freaking world!! They earned a star all on their own! 
The ending is absolutely beautiful. It offers you all the closure you need, but again leaves you still wanting more. 
Overall, this is a fresh must read, with enough steam to melt your panties clear off!!
This was a new-to-me author, and it's a true shame that I haven't discovered her sooner. I am an instant, and forever, fan.
Crowd Pleaser
by Marie James
I had one job.
Show up and rock his world.
So, I did just that.
I left him panting and begging for more.
Mission complete.
The next day, however, I’m told he was the wrong guy.
If that’s the case, why did it feel so right?
I had one job, and I blew it.
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