Book Talk: Dragon Shifters

When I first heard about shifter stories, I thought that I would never get into them. I thought the whole concept, was a little out there, and that I wouldn't find these stories remotely romantic. Dudes that shift into animals could never be hot. 
Boy, was I ever wrong!
I decided to tackle this genre, but I wanted to do it one species at a time. I started with dragon shifters, because I have a friend that loves dragons, and he inspired me to see what they are about. To be fair, when he told me that he loved dragons, I don't think he had these types of dragons in mind. But, I am me, and as we all know-- I never do anything the way you'd expect any normal person to. 
I researched a ton of blogs that suggested their favorites, and read soooo many book descriptions, until I was able to find the right first book to try. I went in with an open mind, and I'm glad I did!
Dragons are fracking HOT!
That's right, not only did I realize that I liked dragon shifter stories, I fracking LOVED them! 
I guess I love dragons too! 
These men are alpha times infinity. They are strong, and intense, and are barely able to contain their passion, and instincts. They find their true mates, and they mark. their. territory--HARD! It's almost impossible to put these stories down, because you couldn't possibly imagine leaving their world until their stories end.
I spent two months reading over a dozen dragon shifter books, so I think I'm fully, and finally, ready to give you a list of my TOP FIVE FAVORITE DRAGON SHIFTERS. 
My dragon loving guy friend might not be too interested in these kinds of dragons, but I am positive that some of you will. If you've never considered dragon shifters before, I suggest that you give them a try. I wasn't so sure about them, once upon a time, but now I'm an ultimate fan!
These heroes are guaranteed to make you swoon!
The Masters of the Flame Trilogy
by Elsa Jade
This is my absolute FAVORITE dragon shifter story-- so far.
Each book features a new couple inside the same group of friends, and even though they can be read as standalones, I wouldn't suggest it. Each book has their own individual story, but there is an even bigger story that runs the length of the entire series.
This trilogy starts out with three best friends from college that go to Las Vegas for a bachelorette party for one of the three ladies. But something's not right. Somethings aren't exactly what they seem.
These girls are thrust into a world bigger than they once imagined, and something evil is trying to destroy it all. 
I was hooked instantly by these books, and I could not put them down until I was able to absorb all three! These heroes ate hot, and ansgty, and alpha AF! The suspense builds with each book, making this a truly amazing trilogy. 
The first book to this trilogy if free, so you don't have to spend a single penny to try this world out, and all three books are available on multiple vendors. 
The Hijinks Harem Trilogy
by Tate James & C.M. Stunich
What's better than one dragon shifter to call your own?
An entire HAREM of them!!
This trilogy mashes up two amazing tropes and gives you something unique, and spectacular!
This trilogy features a wine obsessed, former barista that has inherited a run down house with a cellar full of expensive wine from her grandmother. She hires plumbers to fix her pipes, but gets more than she's bargained for when she finds out that they are not exactly what they seem. She discovers that they are elemental "dragons", and now that she's seen them in their true form, she must marry them--all of them. 
But wait, that's not all...
Our Heroine is shoved into a whole world she never knew existed, and discovers a whole smorgasbord of secrets that will change her world completely. 
I love this trilogy because it takes the whole dragon shifter thing to a whole new level. You get the alphas, the suspense, the fantasy, and the heat, but you get it with a ton of quirk attached. The heroine is hilarious, stubborn, and slightly naive. The sexytimes are beyond hot, and these men will make you swoon. These books are like nothing I've ever read before. 
This is more than a story--
It's a full on experience!
These books need to be read in order, because it builds so well, and because I'm pretty sure you would be a little lost if you didn't.
All three books are available for free with Kindle Unlimited.
by Skye Jones
I'll be honest. I've only read the first book so far, but I have purchased the entire series, and I do plan to read them all.
This book was amazing, because you get more than you expect. Ice is a lady MMA fighter. She's a tough girl, which is a HUGE plus for a lot of readers.  It's not a deal breaker for me, because I feel like not all stories call for a strong female lead, but I do realize that it can be a deal breaker for a lot of readers. 
For that fact alone, this book is a big suggest for those readers that require strong ladies to combat their men.
Ice is strong for a reason. Her past isn't so fantastic, so she hides behind the persona she's created, and the career she excels at. This is where our sexy dragon shifting hero steps in. He watches our girl in the ring, and instantly feels drawn to her, but there's a twist! He has to get his male mate on board, and the three of them must all accept each other. 
That is not all...
There is soooo much more when it comes to this story, but I am afraid that if I reveal more than I already have, that I will have to flag this post for spoilers, and I would never do that to another reader. I want you guys to experience this magic exactly the way I did. 
This story has a lot of fun dragon lore that is unique, and specific to this series, and the conflicts involved will keep you at the edge of your seat!
This book is available for free across multiple vendors, so you can test this series out before committing to purchase the rest of the books. I, myself, couldn't purchase the rest of the books fast enough, and I am super excited to read them all.
This is definitely a book you would want to read!
Read the rest of the Dragon Clan Series:
Available on Multiple Vendors
The Blood Dragon Series
by Mac Flynn
I am really excited to share this series with you, but first, a small disclaimer:
This is another series that I haven't completely finished, but fully intend to. I have, again, bought all the rest of the books, and I plan to finish them as soon as I can.
This series is not as steamy and romantic as the other recommendations featured in this blog post, but it is absolutely worthy of being one of my top five favorite dragon shifters list.
So, this series adds a whole other new twist to the stereotypical dragon shifter trope. The Hero is a Blood Dragon, which means, he is both dragon and vampire.
That's right-- another mashup!! And we all know how giddy I get over mashups. 
Break those rules, Mac Flynn!
I am not speaking for the entire series, only because I haven't read them all yet, but so far, I would say these books are safe for adults and teens to read. The romantic elements are very slow burn-ish, but they are there is a slight kind of way. It's more implied, to be honest. 
I will admit that I don't read ever steamy scene I come across, because I think they all are kind of the same, but if you toss a lot of intensity, and/or angst, I'll hang for a little bit. But all of that aside, these books give you something that easily makes up for it. The story is very well written, and the world building is beyond fantastic. The conflicts are intense, and multi layered, and the magical beings that live inside this world are unforgettable. 
I really enjoyed the first two books, and I can't wait to read the other four!
The first book is free on multiple vendors, so you can again, try the series out first before you buy the rest. I highly recommend giving these books a try.
Read the rest of the Blood Dragon Series:
Dead Sexy Dragon
by Lolita Lopez
Last, but not least, I recommend a dragon shifter story with an obvious title. 
Sometimes being obvious works, and in this case it does!
This dragon is absolutely dead sexy.
This story came highly recommended, and I can see why. It gives you a whole new set of dragon lore, and rules that the characters must live by, with an overall conflict that is very familiar with the paranormal romance trope. But this story is also very unique. 
There is so much angst! I love angst in stories. Some may say I'm slightly addicted to it. With all of that alone, you can expect an unforgettable story, but this book gives you one more:
Not only is the heroine the sister of the Hero's dead best friend, but she is also human. Humans and dragons should not be together. 
He's sworn to protect her, but that's going to be proven difficult when she suddenly shows up, in a lot of trouble with some very dangerous people, at the worst possible time. He needs to save her, protect her, but he also needs to keep his truth a secret from her. They are drawn to each other in such an intense way that he needs to fight to keep their pull at bay. 
This story has so many internal, and external, struggles that you will end up reading this book cover to cover. You will not be able to put this book down. It's only the beginning too, because its the start of a full series of books that take place in the same world. From reading the other descriptions, the other books seem to be about other couples, and could possibly be read as standalones, but don't quote me on that, because I haven't purchased or read the rest of the series-- yet! I fully intend to do just that.
This series is available on multiple vendors, and I do suggest that you check them out!
Read the rest of the Dragon Heat Series:
Well, that's it for today!
I really hope you enjoyed my words, and I hope it drives you to want to read the words by these amazing authors, and meet all of their sexy dragon shifters!
My eyes have been opened to an amazing new world, that I wasn't so sure about, but now truly love.
If you have any other dragon shifter suggestions, please post them in the comments below. In fact, post any shifter type story recommendations, I am excited to indulge in all things shifter from this point on!
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