Book Review: Can I Come Over? by Whitney G

That. Was. So. HOT!!
Leave it to Whit G to knock another one right out of the park. I mean— OMG! I wish Dane was real, and wanted to come over to my place!!
I read this quick little naughty cover to cover. I absorbed these characters. I felt all the things, and fell in love with these insanely amazing characters.
I want more Dane!!!
Can I Come Over?
by Whitney G
It all started with a sex scene…
Well, I was failing to write a sex scene.
As an author of over fifty smut books, I was struggling to do what I did best. So, for fun, I asked one of my best online friends for some help.
I really shouldn’t have done that…
He wrote the scene far better than I ever could, and seven months of platonic, yet-flirty friendship were wiped away in ten minutes.
He asked to meet me in person…
We’d previously agreed to keep things digital, to remain faceless friends—since he was forty-two, and I was twenty-six, but neither of us could resist.
When I saw him at the airport, I was instantly attracted to him.
But I knew, right then and there, that we could never be.
It turns out that the man I’d been talking to for the past several months was the last person I expected.
The last person I should ever think about…
He’s my dad’s best friend.
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