Binge-Worthy: Rockstar Romance

How do you feel about broody bad boys?
Stupid question, right?
If you're like me, and I bet a lot of you are, then the more angst you slap into a story, the better!
They're tortured, they can sometimes be a little alpha, but they also have a sweet and sensitive side too. They're always dealing with something internally that drives them to write these amazing songs that eventually win over the hearts of their reluctant and spunky heroines, and helps them overcome some obstacle that makes them a better person, or more aware of who they are, in the end. Sometimes you get a little enemies to lovers action too, which is another trope that I'm a complete sucker for.
Your heart wrenches, you laugh, you cry, you swoon, and you fall hard for these rock stars.
That's what I love about this trope. Rockers make you feel all of the things with each turn of the page. You always feel like you can relate to these over the top stories, because you understand the strong emotions that they feel. If the book is written well enough you can even feel all what these characters are feeling right along with all of them. 
I discovered rocker roms completely by accident. A friend actually suckered me into trying one out, back when I had zero interest in the romance genre. Rockers brought me over to the romantic side of reading, and I don't regret it one bit!
That all being said, I have read about quite a few rock stars, and I think it's time to share my list of rocker roms that I absolutely love.
Today you get a TOP TEN!!
How exciting is that?!
Not all of my favorites are in a series, so today you get a mix of series, duet, and standalone novels that give all the yummy broody bad boy rockers you need to ruin you for all other men!
Prepare to be slayed...
The Ransom Series
by Rachel Schurig
This Series focuses around the Ransome brothers, as they meet their girls, and overcome their own set of problems, as they work together on tour. Each book takes on a new brother, and ladies, let me tell you, these brothers couldn't be more different, but they all love their ladies so intently, and just as intensely when they get there in the end. Each story is different, each couple has their own set of issues, and their own obstacles standing in their way. 
With this series, you get the sweet hot angst, but you get a charming family element. You get some backstory to see how these brothers came to be who they are. There's more to these brothers than what meets the eye, and I can't wait for you to see what it is!
This Series is currently available for free with Kindle Unlimited.
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PS: It's Daddy Ransome's story!!
The Blue is the Color Series
by Julia Wolf
You will not be able to put this series down once you've started it.
That's my warning. Do with it what you will.
With this series you get enemies to lovers, second chances, and love found where you least expect it. Each book is a about a different band member, and each book takes place directly after the book before it. These guys, a group of childhood friends turned band mates, all have completely different personalities. You'll love them all, but you will find your favorite-- Mine was Ian, by the way.
These books will make you laugh, frustrate you, and make you swoon all over the place. These men have their stubbornness in common, albeit in varying degrees.
This is an overall, well rounded series that gives you everything you want, but leaves you begging for more, and luckily, you do get more! This series has not one, but two spin-offs!! The spin-offs are just as amazing as the original series, and you get cameos! 
This is a series, and an author to watch. She is an amazing storyteller, and she knows exactly how to get you hooked!
This Series is currently available for free with  Kindle Unlimited.
The Cake Series
by J Bengtsson
This story will rip your heart out more than once. It will make you laugh, then in the next minute, make you wanna cry. The couple meet inside this story when they are both cast as members of a wedding party. They have an awkward start, but they leave unable to keep each other off their minds. I absolutely loved the banter these characters had between them. 
This book also has deep suspense that has you unsure whether you're gonna love or hate it by the end, and I'll leave that up to you to decide.
I haven't read the rest of the series, but I fully intend to. This is actually the most recent rocker read for me, so I haven't even had time to move on to the others. From the descriptions, though, I understand that the series follows the siblings to the hero. I am excited to see this because these brothers and sisters are just as entertaining as the hero in this book. I can't wait to see what they are all about!!
This series is currently available for free with Kindle Unlimited.
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The Lust List: Miles Riot
by Mira Bailee
This is actual a prequel trilogy with a twist!
What I absolutely love about this series, is that it is technically a mini series connected to an even bigger series. The reason I'm choosing to only highlight this part, is solely because it involves a rocker. The element that ties these books to the rest of the series is the Lust List, a gossip rag type blog list that ranks the top celebrities in a "hot or not" kind of way that instantly boosts our heroes into massive popularity. They characters are forced to dodge their fans, and the tabloids, while reluctantly falling in love each other. There is so much involved in these stories that you leave them wanting more, but also, very satisfied with the way things went.
The Miles Riot story involves a rocker and a music journalist. Even though sparks instantly fly, at least I think so, they fight being together with everything they have. We all know how this story turns out, but what we don't know is when it's all going to unfold. 
I am obsessed with the Lust List books, and I highly recommend them to anyone that likes their books a little shorter, but still super packed with everything you need for a well rounded story, that completely steals your heart. 
This series is available across multiple retailers.
The Heartbreak Chronicles
by Ali Novak
This is a Young Adult Romance.
This story is cute, and heartwarming. The heroine tries to get an autograph from her sister's favorite band. Her sister has cancer, and she wants to make her birthday truly special. When she meets our hero she lets him know that she thinks his music is crap-- haha...what?!
She ends up on tour with them, when they find out she like to take photographs, and the story takes off from there. Can a boy be with a girl that does't like his music?
I found this story refreshing, and cute, and slightly angsty. You can definitely sense the overwhelming teenage pressure and emotions that these characters feel. You will be rooting for this couple the whole way through, despite the obstacles they face.
This series is available across multiple retailers.
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Book three: HEARTSTRINGS is releasing soon!
The Tragic Duet
by S.M. Shade
This is the only duet on this list, but it packs enough of a punch for an entire series.
These books involve a rocker and a secret baby he never new he had, or even wanted. A random hook up with a woman who doesn't tell him about their son, until after she dies, and the big bad rock star is thrust head first into fatherhood. 
Insert hot nanny.
Our rocker will have to learn to be a daddy, while fighting his attraction to the woman that's taking care of his son. If you think that's all, though, you couldn't be more wrong. This duet is chuck full of secrets and mind blowing surprises. You will be on the edge of your seat, unable to put these books down. the emotions are strong, and the suspense and betrayals are thick.
This duet is a guaranteed book hangover that you'll be desperate to have!
This duet is currently available for free with Kindle Unlimited.
When it's Real
by Erin Watt
This is a Young Adult Romance.
When a Teenage pop star does a lot of naughty things to earn himself a bad reputation. it ends up being really bad for business. In order to fix this, his team decides a girlfriend with a sweet image will clean his look right up. Insert the fake girlfriend. Our heroine agrees to play the part to help her family out financially, and that's the only reason she would ever consider dealing with the rude and entitled hero. These two are the very definition of enemies to lovers. I loved every minute of this book. It was fiesty, and sweet where it needed to be. This story is completely unforgettable. I read this book two years ago, and it still crosses my mind from time to time. It may be time for a reread!
This book is available across multiple retailers.
by Tijan
This author know how to write angst!
Our heroine finds herself in a bad situation, that leads to her twin brother trying to convince her to rejoin his band. She's a lady drummer!! She loves to drum, and would jump at the opportunity under normal circumstances, but there's a problem. The lead singer of said band is the one person she hopes to never see again. A twisted, and complicated past tries to keep these lovers apart, but true love doesn't see obstacles, just objectives to overcome. This story is deeply layered, and suspenseful, and filled with emotion. You will love and and hate these characters as they figure out how to get out of their own way, and root for the heroine as she finds her way back to two things she loves: drums and him!
This book is available across multiple retailers.
Midnight Blue
by LJ Shen
You will want to hate this hero so badly, but like every jerkwad hero this author dreams up, you will fall madly in love with them, despite their assface ways. This book circles around a British Rocker with a drug problem, and the girl hired to keep him clean. You get super angst and lots of frustrating moments, but you'll swoon, and beg for more. This author is beyond talented at making the assholes turn into dreamboats. They characters fall hard, and passionately for each other. It won't happen fast, and it won't happen easily, but the ride will be completely worth it!
This book is currently available for free with Kindle Unlimited.
Rock Me
by Carly Phillips
How about a lady Rocker?!
This is actually a rocker romance inside a non rocker romance series. The series is actually about a group of bodyguards-- I know, completely hot.
This book showcases an up and coming pop star that needs protection, and the bodyguard sent to protect her. There's only one problem... they have history, and it's complicated.
They aren't happy about being paired up, but their both professionals right? 
This story is sweet. The attraction between these two is undeniable, and their second chance will have your heart floating for a long time. I loved these two together, and I know you guys will too!
This series is available across multiple retailers.
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There's my HOT rockers!
What are your favorite rocker books? Do you have a favorite rocker rom author? Is this your first look at rock star romance? Tell me all about it in the comments below!
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