Book Talk: Unforgettable Duets

It's like a series, only shorter!
If you're not ready to commit to reading a full series, but also want your story to last longer than just one book, then duets are a perfect fit for you. Duets give you a longer story without compromising those, hard to get, extra hours of your time. 
I absolutely #LOVE duets. 
I like that they give me a little more, and that I don't have to wait forever to get to the conclusion of the overall story. I've also read some of the best cliffhangers while reading duets. I know that there's this HUGE debate on whether cliffhangers suck or not, and I'm definitely pro cliffhanger, but maybe more on that will have to happen at another time. Cliffhangers will get their proper attention later, but not right now.
Now is the time to discuss the awesomeness that is duets. I have picked five of my absolute #FAVORITE duets. Again, these may be my favorites, but they don't have to be yours. 
So with that being said-- 
Here are my top five picks!
The Interlude Duet by Auden Dar
This duet covers it all, regret, misunderstandings, twisted pasts, and possible seconds chances. I could not stop empathizing with characters as I rooted for them to find the right happy ending they deserved. You will grow to love every. single. character by the end of these two amazing books. I'm not gonna lie, and say that I'm not hoping for a couple spin-offs to happen, but overall, I was pretty happy with the way this story ended. 
 Bad. Dirty. Power. Duet by Stevie J Cole & LP Lovell
Like Dark Mafia and Cartel stories? Well, with this duet you get both! This story is rich with suspense and shock factor. Enemies become lovers, as they fight for the power to be on top. There's an intense push and pull between the hero and heroine, that you can't get enough of, and you won't be able to stop reading until you get to the end. The first book had one of the BEST, and possibly the MOST STRESSFUL cliffhangers that I have ever read. I loved it! 
I had to wait a while for the conclusion, but you won't have to because they are both available now. I would love more books to be written in this universe, but I'm also really content with how things ended up. 
 The Trust fund Duet by Skye Warren
There's a lot that I can say about this duet. It's a little taboo, it's got an insanely #HOT love triangle, and some twists that will have you both loving and hating these characters. I needed this story in my life, and so will you. Skye Warren is exceptional at weaving these twisted, steamy, and intense stories that makes your heart race. I am addicted to this author. She has yet to write a story that I don't love. You will find yourself picking sides while reading this story, and if you're like me, your alliances will change constantly as you read along. Although, the heroine ended up with exactly who I wanted her to, I still found myself wishing a happy ending for the guy she didn't choose. 
  The Hate Story Duet by Mary Catherine Gebhard
A dark, modern retelling of one of my favorite fairy tales. A tale as old as time. This duet is full of twists, turns, and betrayals. You won't know who to trust, and who the bad guy truly is, but you'll love them all. I couldn't get enough of this story. With a hero you love to hate, and a heroine that keeps him on his toes. Or is it, hate to love? 
This story is tragic, suspenseful, and super steamy in all the right ways. You don't want to pass this duet up!
  The Truth Duet by Aly Martinez
This is the angstiest duet on this list. A story full of heartbreak, betrayal, lies, and hope. These characters have a lot going on. A new hidden layer is revealed with each turn of the page. I instantly became addicted to this story, and I #NEEDED to know how it all turned out. These characters had a lot of reasons to give up, and a lot of questions that were left unanswered. Fueled with determination, and a thirst for revenge,  this story takes a turn into something truly unforgettable. 
So what did you think?
Do you agree or disagree with my picks?
Did you find something new to read?
What other unforgettable duets deserve to be on this list?
Feel free to let me now in the comments below!

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