TIMES LIKE THESE by Julia Wolf #Review

Nick Fletcher has the voice of a god and a tongue as sharp as a knife. His words can cut, and this time, his quick temper has earned him an intruder in his life and on his tour.
Dalia Brenner looks like a grown-up Annie gone bad, but he wants nothing to do with her pin-up worthy curves and smart mouth. His method of dealing is to keep his head down, get through the tour, and then he'll never have to see her again.
Dalia has no intention of having heart-to-hearts with Nick. They share a bus and sleep three feet apart every night, but that doesn't mean she can't ignore the scowly, grumpy lead singer.
Except she can't seem to deny the annoying instinct to "fix" the pain and grief behind Nick's sea glass eyes, even though she definitely knows better.
And Nick, well, he's getting tired of denying Dalia...period.
Dalia has plans though, and none of them involve being a rock star's girlfriend. Too bad Nick couldn't disagree more.
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I loved everything about this book. It's not your typical rock star romance--there's so much more to it. Nick and Dalia, the H&H, are unique and interesting, and it doesn't stop there. Every one of the supporting characters (and there's quite a few) have layers upon layers that you want to unravel. I'm sure I'm not the only one that wants Julia Wolf to write books for them as well. Times Like These is filled with emotions--it really grabs your heart and holds on tight throughout. On top of all that, the sex is HOT. Overall, it's such a well-developed story, I couldn't possibly ask for anything better. (But you know, I still want those other stories. *Hint *Hint)

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