SCR*W YOU by Renee Harless #Review

Did you ever send an explicit picture to your significant other?
Well, I sent one to my ex back in college and his best friend Zack found it and showed the entire fraternity. Sure, I should have known better, but I was young, stupid, and in love.
Six years later, I’m bidding on a project for my ex’s company against my nemesis, his best friend.
Now, Zack’s trying to make my life a living hell while my ex has me jumping through hoops to land this job.
A job that I need regardless of how my body reacts to Zack, but my heart may have a completely different contract in mind.
A steamy enemies to lovers romance that will have you hanging on  the edge of your seat. I will start out by saying that I LOVE office stories, and that I LOVE enemies to lovers stories even more. What's amazing about this story is that you get both rolled up into one!! I loved these characters, even when I didn't. This story kept invested with each turn of the page, and the overall story was absolutely delicious. I would definitely recommend this book as a MUST READ. This author never ceases to amaze me, her writing is pure talent, and her stories are beautifully unforgettable. Read. This. Book!!

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