BAD DEAL by Ember-Raine Winters & Faith Ryan #Review

JR Richards 
What’s worse than wanting the one person you can never have? How about finally getting them. Don’t get me wrong the sex was great, but everything that came after? Yeah, it’s like they say, be careful what you wish for. 
Ruslan Belikov 
My brother made a deal that didn’t go as planned. Now I have to get back what’s ours and pretty boy Jacoby is the tool to make that happen. I’ll torture and use him until I get what I want, then I’ll toss him aside like the rest. 
A motorcycle club and a Mafia family shouldn’t make deals. Someone’s bound to lose. Family, friends and hearts, nothing’s safe in a world fueled by drugs, money and sex. 
Ruslan Belikov and Jacoby Richards may not be for everyone. They are two dominant men thrown into an impossible situation. Some readers may find their story makes them uncomfortable. If you don't like dark and dirty mafia bosses who use torture and sex to get their way turn back now. You have been warned.
One of the best darkish m/m stories I’ve read yet! I was intrigued by these characters from the very beginning, and I was anxious to see where the story would end up. Ruslan reminds me of a lion that plays with a mouse, right before he eats it. And Jacoby is his. He’s been claimed by the Russian devil, and that’s all you need to know. This is a definite must read, and great story to bring out, and set the tone for the new year! <3

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