COLD COLE HEART by K Webster @KristiWebster @IndieSagePR #newrelease #mustread #review #unratedbookshelf

I once was a hero. Until she kept me as her captive, tortured me, and killed my brothers. She bred a monster. Nothing could stop me from seeking revenge. But it was over so quickly—her easy death a mercy she didn’t deserve. For a decade, the burning rage of what she did has transformed into something uncontrollable. Something I want to feed. Something I crave to unleash. I want to make her pay. Over and over and over again. Finding the evil, spoiled women sates my ravenous, vengeful soul. I hunt. I capture. I destroy. Slowly. So slowly. One, two, three, four, five… And now six. I’m wicked and sadistic. I am Cold Cole Heart. My mission is death and their payment to me has come due. Number six thinks she is different. Yet when I look at her, I see them. She will pay. They always do. 
Dark and twisted? 
From the deep dark mind of K Webster?
How about...yes, yes, and hell yes!!
I couldn't wait to get my hands on this twisty book, from the first second that I heard it was in existence. This author never disappoints, and even more than that, she's unpredictable. You never know what you're getting yourself into, until you're experiencing it along with the characters. 
These characters will keep you tangled up in a mix of love and hate. You love them even when you probably should hate them, but they're written so well, and their love is so undeniable, that you can't help yourself, but to beg for more. 
This story keeps your eyes and mind hostage until the very last page, and leaves you reeling, and ward off an inevitable book hangover that lasts for days. DAYS!! 
This is an absolute must read to everyone that fancies a truly dark and twisted romantic tale. Did I mention that I absolutely LOVE THIS STORY?! 

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