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29 October 2018

She wanted a baby. He wanted a second chance at love.
It was supposed to be an anonymous hook-up with a sizzling-hot guy to give me the baby I've always wanted.
But then we meet, and there's a problem: he isn't a stranger.
He's the ex who broke my heart years ago.
I want nothing to do with him, but he's my one shot at having a baby.
Things get even more complicated when he reminds me how well he remembers every inch of my body. He doesn't care if I'm pissed at him, he's determined to get back into my life.
Does fate want us to have a family together?
Or am I destined to end up alone?
*A full-length novel with NO cheating, tons of heat, and a guaranteed happily ever after!
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I want this to happen. 
The apartment building I approach is even nicer than my Google search made it out to be. There's a doorman, and when I tell him my name and which apartment I'm going to, he waves me right to the elevator. 
The hallway I step into is plush, with deep green walls and a lovely golden carpet. The apartment is at the end and I have to fight down the butterflies I feel in my stomach as I approached the door. 
Just like we agreed, the handle turns when I try the door. And then I step into luxury. The apartment is sleek and modern, decorated in shades of white and silver. All the lights are on, and it seems warm and inviting. I glance into a couple of doorways and see a kitchen that's absolutely to die for with marble and stainless steel and an island big enough to prepare a feast on. There's also a living room that looks cozy and comfortable despite the modern decor. But I don't see my mystery man, not yet. 
My stomach drops. Not because I'm about to meet a stranger to sleep with, but because his voice sounds so much like a voice I know. The voice comes from behind me, and I turn, and when I do the floor falls out from underneath me.
The only thing about me that’s a size zero is the filter on my mouth. I’ve got a big personality, a big rack, and a big number on the scale. And I’m perfectly fine with that.
But when some random guy suggests I might not be eating alone if I’d ordered a salad instead of a hamburger I’m shocked silent, which is a feat, trust me.
That brings us to one sexy fireman named Frankie Hartigan. He’s hot. He’s funny… And he’s just apologized for being late for our “date” then glared at the fat-shaming jerk. Next thing I know, he’s sitting down and ordering himself dinner.
I have no problem telling him I don’t need a pity date . . . unless of course it’s to my high school reunion next week. Oops where did that last bit come from? And what do I do now that he’s said yes?!
Because this is no make-over story, and I think Frankie is using me for something. I just have to figure out what…
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What happens when you pair a sexy ginger giant with a sassy girl with curves? Well, you get total awesomeness!! These characters are absolutely unforgettable. They both have their own set of insecurities, but they see each other as flawless: it’s got funny mishaps, and cute little misunderstandings, and some depth rolled into an amazing story that will have you laughing and swoon so hard, that you will definitely be no where near ready when the story ends. I loved the first book, and I loved this book. I can’t wait to see what the next book brings!!

26 October 2018

He's the worst kind of guy.
A shameless player, working his way through the entire female population. 
He's Douchebag Santa, ladies and gentleman, and I'm forced to work beside him everyday. 
He's the last person I would ever want to be around, let alone be with.
But he's relentless, and he's got his attention set on me.
I wish he didn't, because I'm nowhere near interested.
Except for the fact, that maybe, I am.
I want her.
She likes to say she's not interested. She likes to play hard to get, but it's all a lie.
Her body tells me a different story. She's just as drawn to me, as I am to her.
She's not like the other girls. She's a challenge, It's a good thing I like a challenge. 
She wants me, just as much as I want her.
She just hasn't realized it yet.
Sylvie tries to sneak out of my apartment as I feign sleep. She sucks at being stealthy, and it takes an ass load of willpower to not laugh at how adorable that is.
“Shit! Fuck! Monkey balls cunt snitch!” She curses as her toe slams against the corner of the bed and this time I do laugh, because who the hell swears like that? “You’re awake?” Her face turns a cute little pink when she realizes that she was just caught trying to do the walk of shame. 
I run my hand down my face. “Yeah, babe, I was trying to make sneaking out less awkward for you. I’m a gentleman like that.”
“I was not sneaking out,” she denies. 
“So you were going to kiss me goodbye?” 
“Well, no. You were asleep, and I didn’t want to disturb you.” 
“Babe, you were totally sneaking out,” I chuckle. “And by the way, I can tell that you don’t do this often.” 
“And how can you tell that?” she asks.
“Because you fucking suck at it,” I laugh.
She rolls her eyes and releases a cute little growl of frustration. “Maybe I just didn’t want to hurt your massive ego, when I didn’t want to stick around and cuddle.” She stomps her foot and throws her hand on her hips like the fiery little pixie that she is. “My ride is here. Thank you for taking care of me last night, and being a surprisingly decent human being.” She starts walking towards the door. 
“Darlin’, I will take care of you any night of the week.” Reaching my arms back, I weave my fingers behind my head and lean back. “I do have one question for you, though.”
“Yeah? And what question is that?”
“What the fuck, is a cunt snitch?” 

25 October 2018

This isn’t a typical love story. This a story of what happens when love is so powerful and all-consuming that it has the ability to destroy everyone involved. It’s definitely not pretty and it’s certainly not a fairytale, but it’s their story and it couldn’t be told any other way. 
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“It’s sad that love could breed so much hate.”
This book was fantastic—and addictive, and angsty as all hell! It’s a modern retelling of one of the greatest classic books of all time, and it retells it beautifully. It respects the original story, but also manages to stand out completely on its own. It tosses in little Easter eggs from Brontë, but also other places, which made my nerdy little heart all giddy, and it keeps everything unique enough that it’s more than a story, it’s an experience. You do not have to read the original story to enjoy this one, though I highly recommend you do that if you haven’t. 
This book doesn’t just tell the love story of one, it tells the love story of many. It gives you every possible ending from happy to devastating. Not all love stories are happy, or are even felt at both ends. This story covers generations of love, lust, betrayal, revenge, longing, and heartbreak. EVERY emotion will make an appearance, and sometimes all at the same time. There are so many layers and depth to this book that you will leave feeling both physically and emotionally exhausted. 
I loved this book, and would consider it an absolute must read. I would recommend it without hesitation, and I would recommend it to everyone over the age of 18. Not all modern retellings succeed, but this book hits every mark flawlessly.

14 October 2018

The world famous lead singer of the hard rock group, Jilted, has moved into the Presidential Suite of my hotel. His reputation precedes him and none of it is positive. Considering his past exploits, drunken fights, and fondness for destroying hotel rooms, I don’t expect the next four months to be easy. For the sake of Foxhaven Resort, I’m going to make it work. Hosting an A-list celebrity will draw affluent guests and solidify the future success of the resort recently left to me by my late father.
I have enormous shoes to fill and no rude, womanizing rock god is going to distract me. With his powerful voice, gorgeous face, and lean body, he may be accustomed to getting his way, especially with women, but I know better.
So, he can flash that charming smile in another direction.
I’m not falling for it.
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I loved this book! It draws you you in immediately, and keeps you cursing the freaking author, because these characters aren’t real!! Aside from that, I highly recommend this book to pretty much everybody. #mustread
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11 October 2018

He's a damaged soul living on the edge and it's her job to keep him in line...
He'll break all the rules to keep the last promise to his best friend.
Commander Ryan Tyler is a true American hero--a former Navy SEAL and the man who saved the International Space Station. Yet he couldn't save the best friend who died in his place. Fallout from that tragic accident thrust Ty into a dark and dangerous lifestyle, but when he's given the unexpected chance to fly again, he grabs it.
Gray Barrett never imagined that her dream job as a flight psychologist would depend upon keeping an astronaut-gone-wild on the straight and narrow. Yet here she is, babysitting the gorgeous and insufferably cocky Ryan Tyler. Everything hangs on his ability to maintain a new image for the public eye to make up for past sins. But as they spend time together, she's drawn to the shattered man who refuses to let anyone through the impenetrable façade he's built around himself.
Their goals are firmly in place and almost within grasp. The only thing that could screw it up is falling in love.
High Risk is part 1 in Ryan & Gray's duet. Their HEA is in book 2, High Reward, which is available to pre-order.
This author never disappoints! The title is right, there is an extreme HIGH RISK of ultimate book hangoverage just by opening the cover. I was instantly drawn into this world, and I couldn't get enough of these characters!! I will be telling all of my friends about this book!!
Coming Soon
Releasing December 6, 2018

10 October 2018

She’s angry that I left. I’m angry that I died.
It’s the trouble with our two lives: we don’t only have one past to work through, but two. Double the pain, twice the betrayal.
A million times the tragedy.
The Moon is the story of Merlin and Nimue from the New Camelot trilogy. It’s recommended that you read the trilogy first, as there are American King spoilers in The Moon.
(Cards of Love is a massive multi-author project, a series of love letters to the mysterious and inspirational world of tarot cards. These can be read in any order, as the only thing the Cards of Love books share is their common inspiration from the world of tarot.)
Merlin was always one of my favorite characters, so I was pretty excited when this novella became an actual thing. I. Loved. Every. Moment. I won’t give anything away, but I will say you must read the new Camelot series first. Everyone should give s those books and and this novella their time. I am absolutely in love with these characters!!
A hiss in the darkness, then a flame, bright and dancing and unwelcome.
A match, I think, and then I think, why?
And then: where am I?
“You’re awake,” says a voice like water. A voice I love. It still doesn’t help me figure out where I am.
“Am I?” I ask. “Awake?”
Like I said earlier, I don’t dream as such, but when I close my eyes, the memories and visions are there, dogging my sleep. And I think maybe—yes, there is also a memory like this. A memory of a dark-haired girl and a cave sparkling with light, the night air heavy with the ecstatic cries we fed it.
“You are awake, Merlin.” The flame moves, calves another flame, and then is blown out. A candle now glows softly against the face of a woman standing at the end of the bed I’m on.
Dark brows arch high over clear blue eyes and a long nose curves gracefully down the woman’s oval face, framed by a high forehead and cheekbones, and a beautiful, if narrow, jaw. Her lips are on the thin side, but perfectly sculpted, giving her an expressive, fascinating mouth. Coffee-dark hair hangs in glossy sheets around her face and down her back.
She’s haunting. Haunting even as a girl, but now even more so as a woman.
“Nimue,” I say, and for the first time I notice how thirsty I am. I make to sit up—and realize my hands are tied to the bed.
Nimue sets the candle down on an end table, and it illuminates the space enough to show me that 
I’m indeed in a room and not in the damp mouth of a cave.It means it’s now and not then, which I suppose I should be grateful for.
After all, I died then.
A silver key glints from just below the smile of her clavicle, the bottom tip of it pointing to the sweet valley between her breasts I used to know so well. They are small and pert—her body still the lithe dancer’s body she had as a girl—and my flesh responds to the sight of those little handfuls, the memory of them. The fantasy of her dusky nipples dragging along the underside of my aching cock is enough to have my body warming, and that’s when I really become aware that I’m not only tied to the bed, but I’m also dressed in a pair of black boxer briefs and nothing else.
Well, nothing else except for the padded cuff around my ankle.
Nimue leans forward to untie my wrist, which leaves the front of her swishy dress gaping forward enough that I can see those nipples now, dark rose and erect.
I’d tasted them frequently once upon a time.
Once upon a time, twice.
In another life, I’d known the feel of her breasts against my lips and tongue better than I’d known almost anything else.
With one of my wrists freed, Nimue straightens and nods at the other. “You can untie yourself. You’ll find that the chain allows you more than enough length to do everything you need. I’m obviously trusting you not to do anything self-destructive, but should the need arise, I can take away this particular freedom.” She says it cheerfully, almost as if the idea of taking away my freedom delights her.
The key on her chest glints as she steps back, and I understand that it’s the key that unlocks my cuff—the same cuff that is connected to a ring in the floor by a length of slender chain.
Anger comes.
And with it shame.
And with that, fear.
I died once this way, and I’d rather not do it again.
I lunge for my other wrist to untie it, needing to be free, needing to reach for Nimue to kiss her or kill her—but by the time I untie myself, she’s out the door with it shut and locked behind her.

09 October 2018

It takes one little spark for enemies to ignite into lovers in a searing-hot novel by USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Blackwood.
Sloane Garcia has butted heads with Reece Jenkins ever since he was a colossal jerk of epic proportions on a night she’d rather forget. So what if he’s overconfident, ultramasculine, and hard muscled? When she finds out he’s on the auction block at the annual firefighter’s charity event, she decides to give this cocky firefighter a dose of his own medicine. Now that she’s won the hunk, he’s on call—to do whatever Sloane wants.
Sure, Reece and Sloane had a rocky start, but he had his reasons. None of that matters now that he’s the bachelor at her beck and call, tasked with granting her four wishes in four weeks. He runs into burning buildings for a living, but nothing will be as tough as dousing the flames Sloane ignites in him. What started out as just a game might end up with Reece losing the one thing he swore he’d never give up: his heart. 
Free in Kindle Unlimited
Amazing. I couldn't begin to explain this steamy fantastic read. He's HOT in all the right ways, and she's absolutely perfect for him. This story was addictive, and keeps you on the edge of your seat!! A MUST READ story for every romance reader!!
Also Available
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08 October 2018

If I were dead, I wouldn't be able to see.
If I were dead, I wouldn't be able to feel. 
If I were dead, he'd never raise his hand to me again. 
If I were dead, his words wouldn't cut as deep as they do. 
If I were dead, I'd be beautiful and I wouldn't be so...ugly. 
I'm not dead...but I wish I was.
Also available as an ebook
This is a story about a girl that spends the first 25 years of her life involved in all forms of domestic violence. I was devastated for her during the entire first half of the story. It's a tale about overcoming every bad thing that comes at you, and coming out even stronger and better than before. A story of redemption that is worth reading and worthy of being shared. It's unbelievable that that these type of situations actually exist. So much heartache, but also, so much happy ending. A totally epic read.
It’s days like today I wish I was dead. 
“Lily Anderson, you get your ugly ass out here right this minute. Don’t make me come after you,” Daddy screams. 
He’s so angry. I knew the moment I heard him come home from work I was in for it. I was in my bedroom, lying on the floor trying to do my math. He slammed the front door so hard the windows in my room shook. 
And then I knew, I knew I was in for it. 
“Lily Anderson!” he yells again. 
As soon as I heard him yell I ran to my hiding spot. I’m inside the closet in the hallway, wedged as far into the corner as I can get. Mom’s old coat hangs in front of me and I can still smell a faint waft of the perfume she used to wear. 
“Lily Anderson!” he shouts. I can hear the anger in his voice and I can already feel the pain he’s going to inflict on me when he opens the closet door. I know what’s coming. 
I close my eyes tight, scrunching them up so no light can seep through. I put my hands over my ears so I can’t hear him. 
“I swear to God; if I have to find you, you will not sit for a month.” 
My knees are folded into my chest. I’m trying to make myself small, invisible, so he forgets I’m here. I’m rocking myself, trying to block out what he’s saying. 
School is safe. School is safe. School is safe. I keep repeating the mantra because in a few short hours I’ll be back at school. Maybe tomorrow I can go to the library after school, stay there until it closes and then sneak in after Dad’s passed out, because he’s had too much to drink. 
It was never like this before. Ever. 
I’m twelve years old and I can remember when Mom, Dad, and I were all happy. But that was years ago. It’s been a long time since there’s been any happiness in this house. 
Well, before Mom died anyway, and not a day since. 
Mom died when I was nine. I don’t remember much about her, except I remember her telling me how ugly I am. How life would be better if I was taken away from them. How I’ll never be anything, because I’m stupid and ugly. 
Sometimes I dream happy things. Like me, Mom, Dad and a little blond-haired boy all going for a picnic. The sun beamed down on us as we played outside and laughed. We’d eat yummy sandwiches Mom made for us, and we’d drink homemade lemonade. We’d spend hours outside, laughing and talking and just having fun. Mom would tell me how pretty I am, and how much she loved me. She would play with my hair, braid it, and then we’d go and pick bright flowers to take home and put in a vase. Dad would smile and call us “his girls”, always kissing Mom and hugging me. Dad would put the little boy on his shoulders and run around the park, trying to catch the clouds. 
I love those dreams, and I hold onto them; wishing they were real. But I’ve never had a mom like that, and my dad doesn’t talk much unless it’s with his fists, or to tell me how ugly and useless I am. 
I feel him walking around the house. The floorboards creak and the vibrations from his footsteps come through the floor to where my bottom is. I close my eyes tighter and try and breathe as quietly as I can. 
Please go away, Daddy. Please go away. 
My heart is beating so fast. My hands are shaking and I’m trying really hard not to think about what’s going to happen the minute he opens the closet door. 
Shhh, it’s so quiet. The only sound is my heart thrumming in my ears. Nothing else. Not a whisper, not a rattle…nothing. 
Maybe Daddy’s left. Maybe he’s gone to the pub to have a few drinks. Maybe, just maybe, he’s left...forever. 
I take a deep breath and just relax for a moment. My shoulders drop and I finally stop rocking. 
Slowly I take my hands down from my ears, and I’m so happy because I can’t hear him yelling at me. I can’t hear him at all. 
Gradually, I begin to unscrunch my eyes from the way I’ve tightly closed them. But something’s not right. There’s light coming into the closet. 
I don’t even get a chance to open them fully before a rough hand reaches in, latches onto my ponytail and yanks. 
“I told you it’d be worse for you if I had to find you,” Dad says, as he drags me out of the closet by my hair. 
I’m desperately trying to hold onto my head so he doesn’t rip my hair out. My feet are trying to find traction on the dirty floorboards. 
“Please, Daddy. Please. You’re hurting me,” I begin sobbing as I plead with him. 
“Then your ugly ass should’ve come when I called you, you stupid bitch. You’re fucking worthless, you ugly idiot,” he says. But now his voice is calm as he continues to drag me toward the family room. 
That’s when he’s most scary. When his voice is low and his eyes are filled with hate. 
He throws me against the side of the sofa and takes a step back to look at me. 
I look up and can see he’s the angriest I’ve ever seen him. “You dumb, ugly piece of shit,” he says, as he paces back and forth in front of me. 
“Sorry, Daddy. Whatever I did, I’m so sorry.” I cower into myself, trying to make myself as small as possible. 
“You’re just too fucking stupid, aren’t you?” he spits toward me as he brings his hand up to scratch at his chin. 
“I’m sorry,” I say again. Tears are falling hot and fast down my cheeks. My head hurts from where he was pulling my hair, but I don’t dare try to rub the spot. 
“You ugly fuck.” He kicks a boot into my leg. 
The pain is instant and my leg feels like it’s shattered. “Please, Daddy,” I beg again, burying my face into my hands. 
But ‘please’ never seems to work. 
Nothing does.
I’ve just got to take the beatings, because that’s what stupid, ugly girls do.
From USA Today Bestselling Author K Webster, comes a new MM standalone novel! I’m used to being in charge. In the courtroom. In life. In the bedroom. But then I met him. He brings me literally to my knees. Handsome. Charismatic. Sexy as hell. He’s everything I desperately crave to possess. I’m burning to get him beneath me just to have a taste. Turns out, though, one taste isn’t enough. And he’s starved for me too. Two alphas fighting for dominance. He thrives on control and I can’t give it up. A battle of wills. The bedroom is the battlefield and our hearts are on the line. 
I loved these guys!! They were so sweet and sexy and neither one of them were even trying. They fit together perfectly. This story was beautiful, and heartfelt. I couldn’t imagine anything better for Dane than Nick. Everyone must read this amazing taboo treat!!

05 October 2018

A stand-alone romance novel in the Rebel series – a Redemption series spin-off
The next thrilling installment in New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Molly McAdams’s REBEL series.
I’ve waited for him for over a decade.
Loyalties kept us apart. A death set us free.
Our passion unleashed, nothing could stop us.
Until my world was rocked—my greatest failure leaving me with my greatest heartbreak.
Now Maverick is baring his soul to me, begging me to let him in. God knows I want to, but I love him, and that means I’ll do anything to keep him from the pain haunting me. Even if it destroys us both.
Someone has been waiting for this perfect moment to strike.
Watching me. 
Studying me. 
Waiting for me to be too consumed with hurt to notice he was there.
Someone who knows me.
I’m Einstein . . . like the genius, only smarter and with better hair.
There’s nothing I can’t hack into, crack open, or figure out. Well, almost nothing.
And if I can’t beat his sinister game, it won’t just be my heart that stops beating.
Signed Paperback -
Wow... this story was freaking amazing!! I could not put it down!! Einstein and Maverick rocked my world, and this story really had me at a loss for words. I will be rereading this book multiple times, and telling all of my friends about it. this was a Completely unforgettable, and absolutely fantastic MUST READ story!!
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