THE GOOD SAMARITAN by RC Boldt @RC_Boldt @GiveMeBooksBlog #NewRelease #NowAvailable #Review #TheUnratedBookshelf

The biggest story of her life is the one he wants to hide.
I’m homeless by choice.
I have no intention of returning to my former life after what I’ve done.
This—living among the filth and discarded remnants of others—is what I deserve.
As atonement for my sins, I give back; I help those who cannot help themselves. But it’s always under the guise of anonymity.
Newspaper headlines throughout the city are clamoring to discover my identity. Including the beautiful woman who manages to see through my “armor.”
She has the capability to put my entire life at risk.
I am completely blown away by this story! This book has it all. The feels, amazing characters, and an unique and compelling plot. I couldn't put it down for even a second. I read this book straight through. you will not be able to put this book down, and I strongly recommend that you read it immediately!

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