LOVE ME CRAZY by MN Forgy @jennw23 #NewRelease #NowAvailable #Review #TheUnratedBookshelf

Legend has it that there’s an intangible red string that binds two souls destined to be together.
No matter the time, place, or circumstance, nothing can break the invisible thread between those two people who are meant to be together.
That’s what it was like between Warner and I—an instant connection, like we’d always been together. He and I, both from traumatized families, found comfort in one another. The boy with the letterman jacket and charismatic smile. And me, his bohemian princess.
The invisible string pulling us to one another despite the danger our love created. The town whispered about us. Our parents threatened us to stay away from one another. They tried to cut the string and keep us apart. We simply tied it in chaotic knots, with no hope for ever separating them. Together, we escaped and became the modern-day Bonnie and Clyde. Our getaway filled with crime and passion.
But will our unbreakable bond uphold the chaos fate brought us, or will our love bleed into a pool of crimson?
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Impulsive, passionate, and wild. These are the words that I would use to describe the characters in this story. They were nothing short of amazing. This story was unforgettable, and I was obsessed until the very end. I couldn't put this book down. I would definitely recommend this story as an absolute must read. This story is a unique, and inspired. I am excited for everyone else to give this book a chance!!

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