BOOTED by Pam Godwin @pamgodwinbooks #NowAvailable #NewRelease #Review #TheUnratedBookshelf

The night I’m released from prison, she’s in my bed.
It’s been eight years since I touched a woman, and the Native American beauty is half-dressed, beaten, bruised, and devastatingly exquisite.
We’re toxic together, but we want the same things. Blood. Vengeance.
Violent relief in a warm body.
Beneath her touch, I’m alive.
Against her skin, I’m redeemed.
Buried inside her, I forget the past.
Until the past takes her from me.
Prison made me cold, but losing Raina makes me cruel. Ruthless. Unforgiving.
I killed before. For her, I’ll kill again.
I’ll end this once and for all or die in my boots.
I was so excited to read Lorne's story, and I got everything I wanted out of it. This story is fantastic. It will keep you captivated the entire time. I didn't sleep at all while reading this book, because I couldn't put it down. I Love this book, and the other books before it. This series may be one ofmy absolute favorites.

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