UNBREAK THIS HEART by Betty Shreffler @betty_shreffler @GiveMeBooksBlog #AvailableNow #NewRelease #Review #TheUnratedBookshelf

Ever since that horrific night, I’d shut men completely out of my life. I’d gone from the spunky, fun, Alex DeMarco to a broken woman terrified of intimacy. Easing me back into dating, my best friend sets me up with kickboxing lessons from my charming and perfectly sculpted instructor—Carter Maxwell. 
Carter’s goal is to break through my emotional barrier and mold my heart just like he molds my body, but trusting men is a battle I’m not ready for. What’s worse is my ex fiancé, Todd Livingston—the man who tore my heart in two—wants me back, and as much as I’d like to deny it, the feelings are still there.
Both men want what I can’t give—my body and my love—and neither are willing to give up the fight. But only one of them can unbreak this heart of mine. 
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This story is devastating and raw. It will take you on an emotional ride that will give you all the feels, leaving no emotions left unchecked. These characters are unforgettable, and this heartbreaking story will leave you speechless. I loved this book!

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