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Binge-Worthy: Rockstar Romance

31 August 2018

Sometimes you can't fight attraction.
No matter how deviant it may be.
In this naughty collection everyone has their deviant desires, secret fantasies, and wicked attractions that tempt them into the unknown. Whether it's a private party where a good girl gets the chance to bring her dark side out to play, or a high school reunion where a second chance at the love of her life gets even better when his best friend wants to play too — 'The Invitation' and 'Reunited' will give you all the kinky menage romance you can handle!
And if you're feeling extra naughty, the twisted novella 'The Rite' brings together danger, dark lust, and a magical HEA to take you through the darkness and into the bright light of love.
USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Bene brings all three of her hot, deviant, and oh so dirty novellas together — available in print for the first time!
Includes all three novellas and their accompanying short stories: 'The Invitation' with short story 'Ben's Day', 'Reunited' with extended ending 'A Night Off', and 'The Rite' with extended ending 'Magic is a B*tch'!
Free in Kindle Unlimited
I really lived inside this story. I was attached from the very beginning. these characters are amazing and the story had me turning the page anxiously. I loved this collection, and I am excited to recommend this book!
Ever since that horrific night, I’d shut men completely out of my life. I’d gone from the spunky, fun, Alex DeMarco to a broken woman terrified of intimacy. Easing me back into dating, my best friend sets me up with kickboxing lessons from my charming and perfectly sculpted instructor—Carter Maxwell. 
Carter’s goal is to break through my emotional barrier and mold my heart just like he molds my body, but trusting men is a battle I’m not ready for. What’s worse is my ex fiancĂ©, Todd Livingston—the man who tore my heart in two—wants me back, and as much as I’d like to deny it, the feelings are still there.
Both men want what I can’t give—my body and my love—and neither are willing to give up the fight. But only one of them can unbreak this heart of mine. 
Free in Kindle Unlimited
This story is devastating and raw. It will take you on an emotional ride that will give you all the feels, leaving no emotions left unchecked. These characters are unforgettable, and this heartbreaking story will leave you speechless. I loved this book!

29 August 2018

Elle’s life seems like one struggle after the next.
She’s facing life after a divorce, learns that her ex-best friend is pregnant with her ex-husband's baby, and the house she’s willed after her estranged father’s death comes with a catch.
When she thinks her life can’t get any more difficult, her neighbor seems determined to rile her up on a daily basis.
He’s gorgeous and looks like he’s walked off a movie set, but his attitude is enough to leave Elle feeling sour despite the tingles she feels when he’s around.
But one stolen kiss leads to a number of stolen nights blurring the line between hatred and love. 
Elle’s curse of bad luck may be taking a turn, or she could be facing her toughest obstacle yet – heartbreak.
This story is a steamy and fun adventure. I could not put it down. I love this author, and this story just adds as one of the reasons why. the characters feel real and the story overall is exciting, and worth being read multiple times. I recommend this story without a doubt!

28 August 2018

I had her once. Or at least I thought I did. But that was a long time ago. Before prison. Before I became the Butcher. Seeing her now shouldn’t make me feel anything. It’s been too long. She forgot about me as soon as I was sent away. But all those truths can’t break the connection that links me to my Angel. No matter how hard I try, I’m still drawn to her, damned to want her even though she’s promised to another man. Being assigned to serve as her bodyguard is a torture so ingenious that I have to respect it. If I don’t deliver her to the altar, my life is forfeit to the Genoa family. But if I do, losing her again may kill me surer than a hitman's bullet.
Author's Note: This is the third novel in the Dark Protector world, David Raven's story, and a standalone.
This is fantastic. I am in complete awe of this author. Her stories slay you. These characters are flawlessly written, and the story is absolutely unforgettable. I will be feeling my book hangover over this book for a while.
Those things should've stopped me from wanting her.
They didn't.
This story is dark and SUPER taboo, but absolutely amazing. I've never read anything by this author before, and I am excited to see whatever else she writes. This story was gritty and different. The characters were unforgettable, as was this story. I highly recommend this book to any fans of dark or taboo tales.

27 August 2018

To survive where I live, you have two options. 
You can be a Normal—a cheerleader, jock, member of the debate team, or on the yearbook committee. You pretend everything is normal. 
Or you can be crew. 
You insult us? We hurt you. 
You hurt us? We really hurt you. 
And if you f*ck with us, we will end you. 
My name is Bren. 
I’m the only female in the Wolf Crew—the best, fiercest, and most dangerous crew there is—and we have a rule: There's no falling in love. 
Well… too late. 
**Full-length novel. First book in a YA Series. This book is dark, violent, and not for the faint of heart.** 
I loved this book! The characters were addictive, and the story moved just the right amount. It gave you just a little, but kept you guessing and wanting more. I still need more! I feel like this series is going be something I will be anxiously waiting for for a while. I can’t wait to get my hands on the next book, and I can’t wait to tell all of my friends about this story! Definitely buy and read this book!
This is 100% a new series from TIJAN. All new characters in the Tijanverse and is intended for mature audiences only.

23 August 2018

Truth: From over a thousand miles away, I watched on the screen of my phone as two men murdered my wife. And I was helpless to save her.
Consumed by hate and rage, I spent four years running from my memories. 
Until a shattered woman gave me a reason to stop.
Cora lived in a nightmare, but through sheer force of will, she’d turned it into something beautiful. She had a smile that could pierce the darkest soul. And with one glance, she shredded mine. 
Lie: I was only there for a fresh start.
Lie: I had no idea what I was getting myself into.
Lie: There was nothing I could do to save her, either.
But that’s the thing about lies—you never know who to believe.
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Well played, Aly Martinez, well played...
This story grabs you instantly, and each chapter after that just builds. You start out with questions, and as the story progresses, you receive little truths and lies that answer those questions. But then, you realize that you have even more questions that need answering! The angst in this story is strong , and the characters are complex. I LOVED Penn and Cora. Their chemistry was hot, straight out of the gun. You felt it with every word. The supporting characters, the good and the bad, where just as amazing. There wasn’t a single character that I didn’t form a feeling, or an opinion, about. This book slaves you, and you will struggle to put it down. It can’t be done. This book is truly an amazing piece of word art. 
That all being said, you will leave this book with questions that are still left unanswered. Your heart will be breaking, but still slightly hanging off hope. The story is not done yet! There’s still so much more to find out. I cannot wait to get my hands on the second part of this duet, because this story may just be one of my absolute FAVORITE reads so far this year! I want more, no... I NEED more! 
This book is an absolute MUST READ. You will regret not reading this book. I know this for a fact, because this was my first read by this author, and I wholeheartedly regret not discovering her work sooner. Again, read the book!
THE TRUTH ABOUT US (The Truth Duet, #2) 
Coming September 13
Pre-order from Amazon

14 August 2018

Vodka should come with a warning:
Mixing with Karaoke will make you do stupid shit, like sing that song you wrote when you were fourteen, about the boy who broke your heart.
At least he didn’t see it.
Oh wait. He did.
I should've just stayed home. The only reason I came was to stop Lily from doing something stupid, like crash her ex-boyfriend's wedding.
When I open my hotel room door to find Adam standing there, that sexy smirk tells me he’s hasn’t changed. He’s still the same arrogant asshole who made my childhood hell.
He insists on driving us home, and while he’s the last person I want to be around, he and I both know it’s a bad idea for Lily to be anywhere near that wedding.
I’m on the road trip from hell with my heartbroken cousin, and the one guy I can’t stand.
What was I thinking?
Free in Kindle Unlimited
I will keep this short and sweet. I really enjoyed reading this book. I LOVE this series, and i love this author. She can write anything, and I know that I will love it. These characters were great, and this story was fantastic. I would definitely suggest this title.
It’s five in the morning and I’m still awake. I’m bordering on delirium, because I’m so tired, but I just can’t get to sleep. I’ve tried listening to music, clearing my mind, counting backward … nothing is working. 
There’s still one thing I haven’t tried …
I hold my breath, listening to the sound of his breathing as I creep my hand under the blankets and down over my stomach. I freeze when he stirs, but he doesn’t wake up. My heart pounds as I focus on the sound of his breathing and nothing else.
My body tenses as a part my legs, just enough to slide a finger along my entrance. I hold my breath, the air catching my throat, then I quickly exhale as I slide a finger inside myself. I close my eyes and concentrate as I massage my clit, trying so hard not to make a sound. 
What would it feel like to kiss him? 
I sigh, imagining his lips brushing over mine, while I rake my hands over that thick, uneven stubble. I swallow, my pussy aching as I tease myself, imagining my fingers sliding over his muscular chest. 
I work myself faster and harder as my body reacts. The soft lapping of my finger sounds a thousand times louder than it really is. I gasp as my finger slides deeper inside me. I want to scream, but I can’t, so I force the sound back down my throat and ride the last of my climax out in total silence, all while still imagining his hands on me. It’s torture and bliss at the same time.
Holy fuck.
I stare at the ceiling, unable to do anything other than lie there, listening to my heart pounding in my chest. I kick off the blankets, my skin all hot and sweaty. Then I smile and swallow a giggle. That was incredible. I’ve never experienced a rush quite like that before. 
Snuggling into my pillow, I sigh. I’m so close to asleep …
And then I hear that familiar chuckle. 
I hold my breath, not trusting myself to do anything other than lie there and panic. I slowly relax when he doesn’t react. He’s asleep. It’s fine. I imagined it. I breathe out and then close my eyes. Just as I finally feel like I’m going to fall asleep, his sleepy voice cuts through the silence. I lie there, holding my breath, my eyes wide open.
“Feels good to be naughty, doesn’t it, Katie?” 
His sleepy voice cuts through the silence. I don’t answer, because I can’t.
“Next time you do that? I’ll be participating.” 


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