Book Review: WELCOME TO THE DARK SIDE by Giana Darling

I was a good girl.
I ate my vegetables, volunteered at the local autism centre and sat in the front pew of church every Sunday. 
Then, I got cancer. 
What the hell kind of reward was that for a boring life well lived? 
I was a seventeen-year-old paradigm of virtue and I was tired of it. 
So, when I finally ran into the man I'd been writing to since he saved my life as a little girl and he offered to show me the dark side of life before I left it for good, I said yes. 
Only, I didn't know that Zeus Garro was the President of The Fallen MC and when you made a deal with a man who is worse than the devil, there was no going back... 
This is Daddy Zeus Garro's story from Lessons In Corruption. A standalone in The Fallen Men Series. 
This book is all things...
It is steamy, and dark, and suspenseful. It’s gritty, and twisty, and sweet. It devastating and it’s bittersweet. I loved every minute this book spent telling a story that was absolutely fantastic. I LOVED can’t even measure how excited I was to hear his story. He was my guy from the first book. I want everyone to read this book, because it is truly unforgettable. So, stop reading my review, right effing now, and buy this amazing book!

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