[Release Countdown] TREPIDITY by SJ Hermann @Writing_Novel #TalesAfterMidnight @PublishingWild

What do you get when you gather a group of friends on Halloween night? A bloodbath. All they had to do was survive until midnight to know they were safe. That's how Melissa ended the tale of Satan's Servant's. A yawn meant to add some spook on Halloween night. They didn't realize the tale she spun was not of fiction, but of reality. Concealed within one of them, an unexpected visitor picks off the helpless group one at a time, while moving from one body to the next. As the clock ticks away towards midnight, so does the trust between them.

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SJ Herman
S.J. Hermann is a writer of paranormal, science fiction, horror, and urban fantasy novels. He has the same taste in movies, television shows and books. He currently resides in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, where he attends college to earn a certificate in graphic or web design. When he is not thinking of stories to write, he is an award winning artist. You can view his artwork HERE.

Hermann is an avid rollercoaster fan who has ridden over forty different coasters throughout his life. If there is a hockey game on television, you can bet that he will be watching, especially his favorite team the Chicago Blackhawks.

He is a fan of the Walking Dead and will read or watch anything about zombies. Max Brooks and Stephen King are his authors of choice.

S.J. Hermann and the MORIUM Trilogy are Anti-Bullying Advocates.

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