[Release Countdown] THE CROSSING by Aim Ruivivar @PublishingWild #TalesAfterMidnight

Like yearly October 31st clockwork, strangers on route a secluded town had their car break down near that crossing.Trapped in that cursed place,Malory was a fragile girl on a wheelchair under the care of her Aunt TabithaHallows eve was both an affliction and a blessing for her because it was the only time she saw new peopleShe had secretly wanted to leave that town but how could she when she was stuck on that forsaken chairStep beyond that crossing so you may see what dark fate you have... just don’t expect that you’ll be coming back.

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16 Myths
Aim Ruivivar 

The tale of the 16 myths recounts the playful, serene, romantic and dangerous adventures of sixteen forgotten youngsters who once lived in the blissful mountains of Donoma during the 1600’s.
Headed by Kimiko, Wambua, Wekesa, Rhys and Misae... find out how they faced the ultimate disturbance in their village. Will these youngsters choose to save themselves or fight for their home?
More importantly the question remains... how did these sixteen lives turned into myths.

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