[Release Countdown] ALL HALLOWS HORROR by YM Zachery #TalesAfterMidnight @ymzacheryauthor @PublishingWild


On All Hallows Eve, Spirits come out to hunt for souls; and the only thing that can appease them is treats. Tamika doesn’t realize the full extent of the truth behind this statement as she explains the true origins of Halloween to her friend. Forgetting all about it, she heads out for a night of trick-or-treating with her brothers and her best friend and the rest of the neighborhood. But their night soon turns from one of laughter to one of horror, when spirits rampage through the town, turning it into a bloodbath as they hunt for souls. Tamika is in a race against time not only to save herself and her loved ones, but also to prevent herself from becoming one of the very things that hunt her. Do you dare discover the real meaning behind All Hallows Eve?
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