[20 Questions] Alyssa Drake @AlyssaDrakeMuse

When is your birthday?
April 14th
Where did you grow up?
Orange County, California
Are you a morning person, or a night person? 
Both. I’m not an afternoon person.
What is your favorite season or holiday?
What are three things that you would put on your Bucket List? 
Celebrate New Years’ Eve in Times Square, participate in the hot air balloon festival in New Mexico, and visit London.
What is the wallpaper on your cellphone? 
My wedding photo of my son giving me a kiss at the altar.
What is your most favorite time in History? 
Victorian England–the Wiltshire Chronicles are set during that time period.
What is the most attractive, and the first thing you notice, about the opposite sex? 
 Their eyes. I’m a sucker for beautiful eyes.
If you could be any color in the big box of crayons, which one would you be?
What do you put on your pizza? 
 Mushrooms and artichokes
What is your favorite ice cream flavor? 
 Green Mint chip
Who would win in a fight: Batman or Spiderman? 
 Spiderman (according to my 5 year old).
Do you believe in Ghosts? Aliens? Big Foot? 
 All of the above, including the Loch Ness Monster.
So, the Moon Landing, did it actually happen? 
 Yes. I watched an episode of Myth Busters which proved it could actually happen.
Who is your favorite author, and/or what is your favorite book?
 My favorite author is Jane Austen (Pride & Prejudice). I could read her every day.
Do you ever google yourself? 
Do you ever hide secrets in your books that only a few people would find? 
 Yes. There are “Easter eggs” hidden throughout my stories. Sometimes it’s a mention of another character, sometimes it’s the meaning of the name itself. For example, the character from my fairytale story–The Frog’s Price–is named Rana (which means ‘frog’ in Hawaiian).
What is one food, or drink, that you could NEVER give up? 
What was the hardest scene, or book, for you to write? 
 I always have the most difficulties with the sex scenes. I usually wait and write them last.
What is your most favorite quote or lyric?
 How does one become a butterfly? You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give being a caterpillar – Trina Paulus
Do you sing in the shower? 
Are you a Clutter Queen or a Neat Freak? 
 I’m an organized Clutter Queen
What is your biggest pet peeve? 
 Tags that stick out of the back of people’s shirts. I’ve actually tucked in a stranger’s tag before.
 Would You Rather...
See but never smell, or hear but never taste? 
 I’d rather see but not smell.
Know when you are going to die, or know how you are going to die? 
 I’d rather know how I was going to die.
Be able to teleport wherever you want, or be able to read minds whenever you want? 
I’d rather teleport wherever I want.
Know the history of everything you touch, or be able to speak to animals?
 I’d rather speak to animals
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What are you currently working on? 
Currently I’m working on ‘Jill’, my story for the Love Sucks anthology produced by Wild Dreams Publishing.
What other plans do you have with your writing?
 I’m going to keep writing both PNR and historical romance. I love both genres too much to give one up.
When is you next book possibly going to release? 
My next story releases September 2nd. It is The Frog’s Prince for the Fractured Fairytales anthology.
Alyssa Drake
Award winning author Alyssa Drake has been creating stories since she could read, preferring to construct her own bedtime tales instead of reading the titles in her bookshelves. Enraptured with all types of writing, Alyssa has tried her hand at short stories, collaborations and poetry. However, her first love has always been books. She thoroughly enjoys strong heroines and often laughs aloud when visualizing conversations between her characters.

Alyssa graduated from the University of the Pacific, with a B.S. in business and a concentration in French literature. Currently she resides in Northern California with her blended family, where she works full-time at a chocolate factory.

She believes everyone is motivated by love of someone or something. One of her favorite diversions is fabricating stories about strangers surrounding her on public transportation. Alyssa can often be found madly scribbling notes on a train or daydreaming out the window as the scenery whips past.

An Imperfect Engagement, Alyssa' sophomore novel, is the follow-up to her debut novel, A Perfect Plan (which won Obsessed by Book's 2016 Indie Award for Best Historical Read). Both novels are historical romantic suspense (love & murder in 1850's England).
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