[Release Countdown] WIDOWMAKER DRIVE by Jeremy Simons @jeremi1986 @PublishingWild #TalesAfterMidnight

Welcome to Widowmaker Drive. You'll only find one house on this street, but it's an attraction unlike any other.
Dana and her friends wanted a simple haunted house to cap off their Halloween night. From the second the greeter let them in, she knew something was wrong. Separated from her friends in mere minutes, she soon realized just how bad things could get.
Sadistic clowns. Shifting hallways. Door-less rooms. This was one nightmare Dana knew she may not survive.

Jeremy Simons is a horror/suspense author. He is an avid reader of books within those same genres. He has been writing since he was a child. His shorter works have appeared across the Internet with numerous zines and in several paperback anthologies.

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