[Release Countdown] BUYER'S REMORSE by JB Joseph #TalesAfterMidnight @PublishingWild

Have you ever contemplated what it would be like to get on the wrong side of a computer geek/salesman? 
Ever wondered what it would be like to get back at a mean boss? What happens when the tables are turned?
What happens when colleagues clash? Do heads roll? Will revenge be sweet?
When messy children are not controlled… will a salesman lose his cool, or will a family be saved?
Meeting a carpet salesman couldn’t be more innocent, could it…? Have you ever wondered if underneath that friendly customer service smile there hides a dark secret?
If you are rude to salespeople…watch your back and check your furniture. Deadly mistakes canhappen when you look down on others…
What is he hiding in the things you buy this Halloween?
In Buyer’s Remorse wonder no more.


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