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Guzzi Duet #2

Publication Date: August 2017 
Genre: Adult, Mafia, Romance, Organized Crime
Gian Guzzi has everything a mafia boss could want, but it comes with strings. He shouldn’t be wasting time on a redhead he can’t have, when men like him are not allowed to be affected by silly things like love. A boss’s job is never done, and Gian has far better things to worry about—what with someone wanting him dead, and someone else wanting him in prison for good. Yet, he keeps risking it all for one more taste of Cara Rossi. 
A man without love is no man at all. 
Cara Rossi is left devastated by the things Gian Guzzi didn’t say. She also can’t forget all the things he did say. She needs to focus on moving on from him, not falling right back into his bed once more. Then again, reality has a way of ruining those plans with far more beautiful, unexpected things. Even if it means Cara is forced to question everything, from her morals to her reputation. All to be one woman to one man. 
A woman without respect is a dirty word. 
Duty. Legacy. Love. Always in that order. Or … that’s how it should be. 
But life is messy, when entangled with love. Rules don’t apply.
I loved this book. It was jam packed full of angsty deliciousness. The characters made me love them, but they also caused me to hate them! I'm a sucker for Mafia stories, and this duet did not disappoint. I am officially a Bethany-Kris fan, and will now be stalking down all of her other books! The emotions, the suspense, the unforgettable journey! I highly recommend this title to everyone. Buy this book!

There was nothing more irritating to Gian than seeing a pair of Royal Canadian Mounted Police detectives waiting for him at the front desk of his building. At least, the managers and ladies working the front desk knew better than to allow the RCMP detectives straight up to Gian’s penthouse.
Ever since Corrado died, the police attention on the Guzzi family was … rough. Damn near constant. It didn’t help that following Corrado’s murder, several more deaths followed in the organization, and most done in a public way. 
For the most part, the Canadian crime family managed to keep their heads down and their noses clean where police were concerned. They lived under the rule that less attention was better. This, unfortunately, was blowing that all to hell. 
“Gian,” the taller of the two detectives—Seeley, Gian thought his surname was—greeted. 
The shorter of the two, the one with wide-framed glasses and a suit that always needed pressed, hung back from his partner. He was usually that way whenever the detectives showed up for another round of make-Gian-talk-and-get-shot-down. 
“Detective Seeley,” Gian replied dryly. Then, he nodded to the quiet detective. “Shaw.” 
Seeley glanced upward at the tall ceilings of the building, and then quickly back to Gian. “Je voudrais—”
“English only, please,” Gian interrupted. 
Seeley’s jaw clenched. 
Gian made pissing these men off into a game. 
“You speak French,” the man said firmly. 
“Today I want to speak English,” Gian replied. “Serve me in my language of choice, as you’re supposed to do. I know how the police works in this country. We’re all on a nod and greet basis out there on the streets, aren’t we? Use English.” 
“Fine, English it is.” 
Gian stuffed his hands in his pockets, and rocked on his heels, pleased as fuck to have once again, annoyed the cops. Maybe if he did it enough, they would leave him the hell alone for a week. He doubted it, but he figured the risk was worth it. 
All Royal Canadian Mounted Police were required to speak both official languages of the country. English and French. Gian found the detectives assigned to irritating him preferred French, and because he spoke French fluently, they expected him to converse in that language. 
Gian was just as unpleasant in French when it came to cops as he was in his other languages. Cops all held the same distinct stench. Their job was to seem nice to him, to placate his distrust with them, and bring him in closer to their schemes. They put men like him away all the damn time, and Gian refused to be their next foolish sheep. 
“I want to discuss some things that came up in your grandfather’s case, and see if you could confirm anything for me,” Seeley said. 
Gian passed the man a look. “Corrado has been dead for months; you should leave him that way and let his soul rest in peace.” 
“Don’t you want justice for your grandfather?” 
How little they knew … 
Justice had already been served.

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is a Canadian author, lover of much, and mother to three young sons, one cat, and two dogs. A small town in Eastern Canada where she was born and raised is where she has always called home. With her boys under her feet, snuggling cat, barking dogs, and a hubby calling over his shoulder, she is nearly always writing something … when she can find the time.  


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