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Splintered Love
An Anthology
SJ Hermann

Release Date: August 25 2015
Genre: Dark Romantic

An anthology of paranormal / supernatural romance stories.
Leap of Faith - When Lisa Fielding found love she thought would never come, it was stolen from her. Years later, love finds her once again. This time in a very unlikely place.
Inner Beauty - Craig believed that a person’s looks were more important than what they held on the inside. Little does he know, an old girlfriend is about to show him otherwise.
*Contains erotic material.
Desperate Souls – Moira survives on the desires of men. Devin dances on the edge of sorrow and anguish. Both seek meaning and love to their existence. Fate brings them together. Could love tear them apart?
*Contains erotic material.
Reckless Thoughts – Evan has the power to do whatever he wants with a simple thought. When he finds love, years of abusing his abilities comes back to haunt him.
Forever Love – A couple discovers that true love will last forever.

This was a really fun anthology to read. I could not put it down. Every story had a tragic twist, and they are so good, that I'll leave it at that. I strongly recommend this collection to all readers that like being surprised, and love true angsty tales! 

Here is my thoughts after reading each individual story...

This story is a face paced, sad tale that will hit you suddenly with a twist that you never see coming. Lisa is forced to constantly suffer unbearable loss. She learns to school her emotions and harden heart, in order to protect herself from suffering more. You are constantly ping-ponged back and forth between her past and her present, so that you get a glimpse of where she came from to where she is. This story hurts your heart a little bit, but the big twist will shock you in a good way, while also produce goosebumps across your arms and chill down your spine. It will have you asking: "How would I react in this situation?" I really liked this story! 

This story was odd, yet satisfying in a hilariously cruel way. I'm not going to lie, I hated the main character. His actions and opinions were rude and offensive, but they were supposed to be. He had to be the jerk he was in order for the big twist to happen. This story ends in justification, but your opinions shift around, and the characters you like, hate, or pity do not stay the same throughout. This story was okay for me. I liked it enough to enjoy reading it, but it wasn't my favorite. I can't say I truly liked any of the characters in this tale. 

OMG... I loved this story! This story begs the phrase: "Be careful what you wish for." I the main character is cocky and obnoxious, but he learns and finds true love. The twist in this story is a tragic one, and ending will leave you sad, but it is by far my favorite story in this anthology yet!

This story was tragic. Two lost souls that find comfort and love in each other, but can't truly ever be together. I loved the all the angsty characters in this tale. Moira and Devin have a very Shakespearian romance, and end. I loved every element laced through this desperate and depressing story. 

This sad story is a twist all within its self! I never saw it coming, and it ties the entire anthology up perfectly. The ending is bittersweet, but sadly satisfying. Your heart breaks a little, but you are okay with it. I can't say anymore without giving it all away, so I will it with three words: Totally worth it! 

SJ Herman

S.J. Hermann is a writer of paranormal, science fiction, horror, and urban fantasy novels. He has the same taste in movies, television shows and books. He currently resides in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, where he attends college to earn a certificate in graphic or web design. When he is not thinking of stories to write, he is an award winning artist. You can view his artwork HERE.

Hermann is an avid rollercoaster fan who has ridden over forty different coasters throughout his life. If there is a hockey game on television, you can bet that he will be watching, especially his favorite team the Chicago Blackhawks.

He is a fan of the Walking Dead and will read or watch anything about zombies. Max Brooks and Stephen King are his authors of choice.

S.J. Hermann and the MORIUM Trilogy are Anti-Bullying Advocates.

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