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The Coven

Publication date: June 27th 2017
Genre: Adult Fantasy

The future queen awakens…
Newly single mother Stevie Lewis divides her time between raising Charlie, running a store with her best friend, and avoiding the meetings of her mother’s Beaufort Historic Society. Although her life has its challenges, it’s altogether average. Just the way she likes it.
When Vanessa, a ruthless dark witch, launches an attack against young Charlie, Stevie’s simple life derails, and her long-dormant powers awaken. A 300-year-old secret is exposed, revealing her destiny to one day rule the clandestine community of witches who hide in plain sight.
Now she must master her own magical powers before it’s too late. Because Vanessa’s on the warpath, and only Stevie can stop her.

Imagine waking up one day and finding out you're a witch.

I really liked this book. The story was well written, and easy to get into. The characters had depth, and the story kept a great pace throughout, however, it took a little while to build up to the action. The different abilities were unique and interesting, and complimented the story. 

I really got into this book and will definitely be reading the next 2 books in the series. 

Chrissy Lessey is a beach bum with a deep appreciation for good jokes, strong coffee, and salt air. She lives on the beautiful Crystal Coast of North Carolina where she finds endless opportunities to procrastinate and daydream. A long-time fan of rock music, Chrissy married a talented drummer. She still loves listening to him play - as long as it’s not in the house. Together, they have two energetic children and an ill-mannered dog.
She enjoys connecting with her fans both in person and online. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay up-to-date on her latest book news and upcoming appearances.
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