[Book Blast] VICTOR OR VICTIM by Ym Zachery #GuestReviews by @BellaEmyWrites & Aim Ruivivar


Victor or Victim

Publication Date: June 8, 2017
Genre: Memoir/ Inspirational
Which path will you choose? In life, there are two paths that are constantly thrown at us - the path of the victim, or the path of the victor. And as I look around me today it appears that more and more people choose to take the road of the victim; a road of self-destruction. Now, while that road is the easier option to take. The victor path will take you further in life. It will give the life that you could only ever imagine. This book will demonstrate the routes, in which, both paths are taken and what consequences befalls when following them. Come along in my journey and see how I choose the route of the victor, when I could have easily chosen to be the victim. It is not an easy choice, but it can be done. Learn how you, too, can be the victor of your story. So, which path will you choose? Will you be the victim of your life, always blaming others? Or will you choose to be the victor and choose to live life to the fullest, despite all the barriers?

Bella Emy
Author of
A Love Beyond Time
What an incredibly inspirational book! There was so much truth in this book, and because of that, I didn't want to stop reading it. Everything made so much sense. It was well written and filled with tons of emotions. I applaud the author for standing up in what she believed in and coming out a stronger person than she ever thought she could be. Her strength is beautiful and I admire her greatly. Everyone should read this book. It puts a lot of things into perspective and makes you realize what's really important. 5 stars!!!
Aim Ruivivar
Author of
16 Myths
Victor or Victim is the best book yet ever written by YM Zachery. Her heart and soul were put on pages to inspire people to become victors in their lives no matter what the circumstances are. This book can be read over and over again for it brings forth wisdom, hope and gentle reminders that we are put on earth for a good purpose. It's a five star inspirational read indeed.
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