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The Weight of Life
Whitney Barbetti

Publication Date: June 28, 2017
Genre: Contemporary Romance 

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“Don’t let go.” Those were my first words to him, as I hung over the side of a London bridge. The words I would soon say again, in a moment that didn’t involve bridges, but something much more fragile: my heart.
He held onto me for three weeks, in a time when I needed to be held. Needed to connect to someone who understood how loss tunneled unrepentantly through the fabric of your soul.
Although he said he'd stay, we both knew he wouldn't. I had already survived one loss—I didn't know if I'd survive another.

She spun into my life like a tornado of smiles and chatter and everything else I'd long avoided, with a persistence that I admired, albeit begrudgingly. She broke down each neat wall I’d constructed without even trying. Her presence alone caused me to remember what it felt like to smile, to look forward to what the day would bring.
But it was only supposed to last three weeks.
“Don’t let go,” she’d pleaded.
I’d promised her I wouldn’t—but I would. I didn't have a choice.
Wow. This book deserves more than 5 stars. I absolutely loved it. The heartache that these two characters endure, their meeting, the love that grew between them; it was all too much for me. This book had me laughing, and crying, and even angry at one point. The meaning behind the title of the book hit me hard. I couldn't imagine a more perfect story of love, love lost, and love found again.
“Because when I saw her, when we made eye contact, the first words that crossed my mind were, ‘There she is.’”
I am in love with this story, and the characters. They were sweet, and real. I was unable to put it down. Whitney Barbetti has definitely set the bar high with this one.

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