[New Release] TWELVE TINY TRUTHS by M. Dauphin & H.Q. Frost @AuthorMDauphin @HQ_Frost


M. Dauphin & H.Q. Frost

Publication Date: May 4, 2017
Genre: Contemporary Romance

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I'm Charlie, and these are my truths:
1) I should have been a
2) One stupid decision changed my
3) My best friend,
Frankie, kept me sane when I thought I'd crumble
4) A new career running a dating website helped
save me
5) Steady routine and burying myself in work became
6) A drunken dare on a boring night caused a
spark in my routine
7) Cherry pie and a deep, sexy voice made the spark
8) A date at the movies and country songs made me
9) His kind heart, affection, and faith in me made me
fall in love
10) The
secrets he kept broke my heart
11) Good
friends helped me understand his reasons
12) Unexpected circumstances threaten to
ruin my life
....Travis has his own truths. 
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Excerpt"Oh we're a 'we' now?" I smile over at him, for some reason feeling very nervous about tonight. I'm not against being a 'we'. Hell I'm actually relieved to hear him say it, but now I feel all kinds of pressure with meeting his family. "I'm pretty sure before I gave you the D last night, that was my stipulation. I know in the throes of passion, women will say anything, but it was kind of a vagina/pecker contract being signed of sorts. So yeah, we're 'we'. Tralie…or Chavis, if you will." I laugh so hard a snort escapes and Gus gets excited and starts jumping up to my face, licking it as I try to control my laughter. "A vagina/pecker contract?" I wail. "I'm sorry, I can't. What the fuck does that mean? My vagina signed a contract last night?" "Yeah, it means, my cock, your vag, best friends. They actually have no other friends. I mean with the exception of mine or your own hand. That part when you started screaming was when you signed on the dotted line." "I mean, it was a pretty fantastic orgasm." I sigh, clenching my thighs together at the memory. "So what about the rest of us? All sexy parts aside. You're cool with being with me?" I can't shake the feeling he's going to get tired of being with me eventually. "I pretty much like all of you. I do have one favorite part of you though." "I said aside from sex organs." I roll my eyes. "Wait…so anal is in the cards?" he asks eagerly and I laugh, slapping his arm. "Your eyes." He kisses my hand. His lips on my skin do things to me that I'd rather not feel right before a dinner with his family. "Know what my favorite part about you is?" I grin, clutching his hand firmer. "I mean, it's obvious. You loved it before our first date." He pulls my hand to his lap and moves his hips a little, brushing my hand against his hardening dick. I laugh and pull away. As much as I'd love to stop the car and enjoy him again, there's no way having Gus in the car while doing that would work out. "Other than that," I scoff, reaching my hand out and resting it on his face. "This," I whisper, tracing his strong jawline. "I love this."


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