[20 Questions] MADISYN ASHMORE @madisynbooks

Madisyn is a bestselling contemporary and paranormal romance author. She has won the BEA Writer's Award, and she's an active member of the Romance Writers of America.
Her books feature a wide range of character personalities that drawn you in, and leave you wanting more!
I got got one of her books as an ARC, and have been addicted to her writing since. 

She is always available to her readers. She is Super nice, and is always happy to speak with you. You can't NOT smile after talking to this wonderful lady! 

So without much further ado, here are her answers to my AWESOME Author Questions...

Where did you grow up?
I grew up in Indiana, and I moved to Los Angeles for college - I’ve been here ever since!
Are you a morning person, or a night person?
I am a night person – I do all my best writing at night!
What is your favorite season or holiday?
I love Christmas – I like being cozy and drinking hot chocolate, mostly!
If you could go anywhere in the universe, where would you go, and why?
I really want to go to Alaska during the summer!
If you could live with one person living, dead, or imaginary for one year in a tiny one bedroom apartment, who would you choose and why?
It would be my husband for sure!  I’m sure we could think of ways to stay entertained. Haha.
What are three things that you always keep handy at all times?
A notepad, and two earplugs (to block out noise)
What is your most favorite time in History?
I love the 1940s.
What is the most attractive, and the first thing you notice, about the opposite sex?
I like intelligence and humility.
What kind of drunk person do you turn into when you drink?
Very nice and relaxed.
If you could be any color in the big box of crayons, which one would you be?
Ocean blue.
What do you put on your pizza?
Pepperoni and Pineapple
What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
Cookie butter
Do you eat your feelings, or starve them?
What is your biggest baddest guilty pleasure?
The Bachelor
Who would win in a fight: Batman or Spiderman?
Do you believe in Ghosts? Aliens? Big Foot?
Yes, of course!
So, the Moon Landing, did it actually happen?
Who is your favorite author, and/or what is your favorite book?
F. Scott Fitzgerald,The Great Gatsby
Do you ever google yourself?
What is one food, or drink, that you could NEVER give up?
Do you sing in the shower?
Yes, I sing all the time!
If you could be on any reality TV show, which one would you choose?
The Bachelorette. 😊
If you were on death row, what would your last meal be?
If you were forced to open a bakery, what would you name it?
Buns Aplenty

Would you Rather...

See but never smell, or hear but never taste? 
See but never smell. 
Have the hiccups for the rest of your life, or always feel like you got to sneeze but never actually do it?
 That’s the worst!  Hiccups, I guess!
Know when you are going to die, or know how you are going to die? 
Be alone for the rest of your life, or forever be surrounded by annoying people with bad body odor? 
Always have to speak and write what’s on your mind, or never be able to speak or write again? 
Always have to speak and write!
Be forever itchy, or be forever sticky?
Forever sticky.
Be able to teleport wherever you want, or be able to read minds whenever you want? 
Teleport!  I don’t want to know what everyone else is thinking! Haha.
Know the history of everything you touch, or be able to speak to animals?
 Speak to animals.
Live your worst day ever, over and over again, for one year; or lose one year of your life completely?
 Live the worst day over and over again.
Be permanently transported 200 years into the future, or be permanently transported 200 years into the past? 
200 years in the past with plans on how to build an iPhone. Mwahhh.

More From Madisyn Ashmore!

What are you currently working on?
I’m writing a bunch of books!  I have about five projects right now I’m writing – so I’m keeping very busy!
What other plans do you have with your writing?
I want to continue writing and make every book better than the last.
When is you next book possibly going to release?
I had two books that just came out today (March 14th) – and I have a release planned for most months this year.  

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  1. Thank you so much, Heather! That was such a fun interview and you are SO supportive!!! I can't wait to read more on your blog - This is a wonderful site!!! Thank you!!! -Madisyn

  2. You are so sweet! Thanks for being a part of all the fun! <3