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Laura is the author of the bestselling Karli Lane and Dealing With Love series. She, also, has a standalone novel, Beautifully Broken,  now available. 

I recently convinced her to play a little game with me called 20 Questions. She had to answer any question that I could come up with... and she did! 
So without going into too much detail about how the whole question and answer process  works, here be our conversation, My Little Pretties...

Where did you grow up?
 I’ve lived in several parts of the U.S., but most of my childhood was split between the Chicago, IL and Portland, OR metro areas. 

Are you a morning person, or a night person?
Neither. I’m at my best around late-morning or early-afternoon.

Why did you choose to write for the genre that you do?
I write in several different genres, all of which because that’s what I enjoy as a reader. 

If you could go anywhere in the universe, where would you go, and why?
 I think being in space in general would be incredible. (Assuming I’d be protected and comfortable) I’m fascinated with how beautiful and limitless it can be.

What are three things that you would put on your Bucket List?
Oh, that’s a tough one. I’d say most of my list includes traveling because I love exploring new cultures. Some big must-see destinations are Fiji, the Galapagos Islands, and Italy.

What are three things that you always keep handy at all times?
 My phone, a water bottle, and a hair tie.

What inspires you, or where do you look for inspiration?
I get A LOT of inspiration from music. I’ve always had a strong appreciation for every genre so I have tons of material to work with. Most of the inspiration for any romantic comedies comes from my friends/family. I’m fortunate to have very funny people that have had lots of misadventures in my life.

What is one thing that most people do not know about you?
Whenever I see farm animals (including driving by them) I make their corresponding sounds. My daughter has picked up this quirky habit as well. Moo!

What is your most embarrassing moment?
Sadly, I have quite a few to pick from. One that sticks out is from my former life as a banker. I was wearing a black suit and a customer had to inform me that he could see my bright red undies. (The zipper broke on my pants) Talk about mortifying!

What is the most attractive, and the first thing you notice, about the opposite sex?
Height and eyes. I have a definite thing for tall guys with pretty eyes.

Who is the first person you call when you are having a bad day?
My husband.

What kind of drunk person do you turn into when you drink?
Annoyingly chatty

What was your worst autocorrect situation?
 I don’t know if it’s the worst, but certainly the most frustrating. I drop f-bombs a lot – you’d think autocorrect would know by now that I’m not trying to say, “What the duck?”

What is your favorite 90’s throwback jam?
That’s hard. I was in H.S. in the Northwest during the grunge explosion so I have a pretty big affinity for anything grunge. Pearl Jam, RHCP, and Nirvana are favorites.

What do you put on your pizza?
It varies based on the pizza place, but my go-to is chopped garlic and pineapple.

Do you eat your feelings, or starve them?
I eat the feelings my feelings are having. And then I have seconds.

Who would win in a fight: Batman or Spiderman?
Uh, totally Batman!

Who is your favorite author, and/or what is your favorite book?
I have so many automatic one-click authors but my all-time favorite is the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning.

Do you ever hide secrets in your books that only a few people would find?
Absolutely! Every one of my books have veiled pop culture references that only die-hard fans would recognize or personality traits from my closest friends/family.

What is one food, or drink, that you could NEVER give up?
Cheese- hands down.  

What was the hardest scene, or book, for you to write?
Beautifully Broken was by far the most difficult emotionally. While Kat’s story is completely fictional, several scenes are taken from real life events that I experienced. Writing those scenes were both cathartic and heartbreaking. I cried A LOT during that process.

What is your most favorite quote or lyric?
 “Books are a uniquely portable magic.” -Stephen King

Do any of the scenes in your books come from personal experience, or actual events, and are you willing to tell us about one?
Without giving away any spoilers, there are two scenes in Beautifully Broken involving losing a loved one. The imagery from those scenes were taken from real life. In Deal Breakers, there are countless pieces of dialog that were “borrowed” from my ridiculously inappropriate friends.

Are you a Clutter Queen or a Neat Freak?
I try so hard to rid my life of clutter but so far, I suck at it. I’m not a messy person but I’m certainly not a neat freak.

          One More Question…    
Would You Rather… 

Be able to teleport wherever you want, or be able to read minds whenever you want?  
Teleport! I’ve always said that if I could choose a superpower, teleportation would be it.  I think mind-reading would be handy at times but mostly a burden. 

 More About Laura Lee!
Laura's passion has always been storytelling. She spent most of her life with her nose in a book thinking of alternate endings or continuations to the story. She won her first writing contest at the ripe old age of nine, earning a trip to the state capital to showcase her manuscript. Thankfully for her, those early works will never see the light of day again! She is a proud member of the Romance Writers of America focusing on paranormal, urban fantasy, and contemporary romance. 

Laura lives in the Pacific Northwest with her wonderful husband, two beautiful children, and three of the most poorly behaved cats in existence. She likes her fruit smoothies filled with rum, her cupboards stocked with Cadbury's chocolate, and her music turned up loud. When she's not writing or watching HGTV, she's reading anything she can get her hands on. She's a sucker for spicy romances, especially those involving vampires, bad boys, or cowboys!

What are you currently working on?
I’m writing both the next installment in my urban fantasy series (Elemtental Magicks) and the next in my rom com series. (Deal Takers)

What other plans do you have with your writing?
I have 5 books on the agenda right now. If I could find more time, I’d love to blog more often and contribute more online articles.

When is you next book possibly going to release?
Elemental Magicks (Karli Lane #4) then Deal Takers (Dealing with Love #2) will be my next two. I’m hoping to get them out sometime in the spring or summer of this year. 

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