[Feature] SULEYMAN

The Sultan of New Orleans
A French Quarter Massacre

       The year is 1936. A Wealthy Plantation owner by the name of Jean Baptiste LaPretre built a Luxurious Greek Style home on the corner of Dauphine and Orleans Avenue, right in the heart of the French Quarter. 

       LaPretre found himself falling on some hard times, this being during Civil War, was forced to rent his mansion in the Quarter. Shortly after, a tenant appears claiming to be a Turkish Sultan. Prince Suleyman was his name. He had many wives and children, and they came with their own set of servants. The mansion was the perfect size to accommodate them all.

      Immediately upon acquiring the residence, Prince Suleyman ordered that chains and locks be placed on all the doors and gates. He hung heavy drapes over the windows and stationed guards at all the entrances. 

      The Mansion, turned mighty fortress, began to throw loud lavish parties that went on at all hours of the night and day. The parties were full to the excess of booze, loud music, incense, and sex. The Prince kept a Harem with many women and young boys. Neighbors speculated, and rumors flew around about Prince Suleyman. Rumors claimed that the Turkish prince and his party guests were abducting local girls and boys and forcing them to serve as sex slaves. The Prince was, also, said to be completly insane and addicted to opiates. As time moved on the “Sultan’s Palace” was a mystery to all of those who found themselves on the outside.

      One morning, a neighbor was out for a stroll. Noticing the unusually quiet state of Suleyman’s home, they looked up at the palace, and noticed blood dripping down from the second floor terrace. There was blood seeping down the walls and steps, and splattered all over the sidewalk. Upon seeing this, the neighbor ran off  to find the police. The police rushed to the residence to investigate the neighbor’s claims. They were no where near ready for what they found when they got there.

      Upon entering the mansion, the police discovered that everyone in the residence had been brutally murdered . In fact, it was the most vicious massacre any of them had ever experienced up until that point. All the victims had been decapitated, and there were body parts strewn all over the place. Every man, woman, and child had been dismembered. No mercy was shown to these people. It was a total bloodbath.

      They ventured further out into the courtyard to find an arm sticking out of the ground, like it had tried, and failed, to dig itself to safety. The arm was attached to Prince Suleyman. He was dressed in the traditional Muslim burial clothing, and it was evident that he had been buried alive.

Pirates were blamed for the murders, and the case was closed.

      It was later discovered that Prince Suleyman was a complete fraud. He was not a Turkish Sultan, but the brother of one. He was said to have escaped his country to avoid being arrested and executed for stealing women, money, and possessions that belonged to his brother, the real Sultan.

      It is more likely that the Sultan’s assassins, having finally caught up to the naughty prince, were the real reason behind the massacre.

      The “Sultan’s Palace” still stands today at 716 Dauphine Street in New Orleans, Louisiana. It was turned into an apartment residence. Over the years, residents have claimed smelling incense, hearing body parts hitting the walls and floors, and to have spotted Prince Suleyman’s ghost roaming the property, as well as the ghosts of the other murdered men, women, and children.

     One hundred years after the massacre, a bar dedicated to the story of Prince Suleyman and his pleasure palace massacre opened its doors located on Bourbon and Toulouse. I was not able find a website to this place, but I have experienced it first hand. I would suggest this spot to anyone that visits the area. It was an experience I truly enjoyed. So, if you ever find yourself in New Orleans, definatley check this place out!


**Every storyteller has their sources, and I had three! Well, four, but I am choosing not to quote my dad. I have provided links to all the articles that I used to investigate this story.**

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